Campus Housing

For more information please contact:
Sharon Tozzi
Phone: 609-734-8383

Room layouts and furniture may vary from image.

Activities Center

The Activities Center houses the laundry facility, a lounge (with TV and VCR), a piano practice room, and a general activities room that can be reserved for events. All ID cards have been programmed to access the main entrance of the building, which also allows access to the laundry and lounge areas. 

The piano practice room requires special access and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Since this piano is used by the IAS community, we would appreciate proper care being taken when playing it.

For information regarding the Activities Room, please contact Linda Cooper (ext 8259).  When making a reservation, please allow enough time to set up and clean up.

Apartment Descriptions

Electric Power Around the World
World Electric Guide

The Institute's apartments range from studios that include full kitchens and baths designed for one person, one-bedroom units for single occupancy or couples, to two- and three-bedroom units for couples, or families. All apartments have central heat and air-conditioning, central vacuum systems, full kitchens (gas stove/oven, microwave and refrigerator), and full baths (bathtub and shower). Washers and dryers are not permitted in the apartments. Apartments are either on the ground floor (first floor) or upstairs (second floor). All one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments include dishwashers and have separate rooms designed as studies.

All apartments are furnished and supplied with: dinner plates, butter plates, soup bowls, cups and saucers, silverware, knives, water and juice glasses, a toaster, casserole dish, vegetable dish, coffee pot, tea kettle, creamer, sugar bowl, glass pitcher, 3 cooking pots, 1 frying pan, 2 mixing bowls, cutting board, meat fork, serving spoon, large fork, large spoon, 2 kitchen knives, spatula, potato peeler, can/bottle opener and corkscrew.

Parking spaces are adjacent to each building.  All rental rates are subsidized and include heat, electricity, gas, water, and air conditioning. Rates quoted are for academic year 2016-2017 and are effective July 1, 2016.

  • Studio Unit (one room with kitchen/dining area, bathroom) $910

  • Beds in all studio apartments have a full-size Murphy bed. The Murphy bed can be swung into its closet when not in use in order to provide more flexibility with living space.  Studio units are uniform in layout and all have fireplaces. Ground floor units have patios, and upstairs units have balconies. Studios have full kitchens, and bathrooms include both bathtubs and showers.

  • One-Bedroom Unit (living room, study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, optional dining room) $1,215/$1,305

  • Type 1A has a combination kitchen/dining room.; Type 1B is larger and has a separate dining room. Ground floor units have patios and upstairs units have porches.; A number of one-bedroom apartments have fireplaces, and all have a queen size bed.

  • Two-Bedroom Unit (living room, study, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, optional dining room) $1,380/$1,440

  • Type 2A has a combination kitchen/dining room.  Type 2B is larger and has a separate dining room. Ground floor units have patios and upstairs units have porches. A number of two-bedroom apartments have fireplaces, and all have one queen size bed, and two twin beds.

  • Three-Bedroom Unit (living room, study, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, 2 bathrooms) $1,540/$1,720

  • Two types of three-bedroom units are available.  Type 3A is a three-bedroom apartment contained on one floor, either ground floor or upstairs. Type 3B is a townhouse that is L shaped with two floors. Three-bedroom units have separate dining rooms, and most of have fireplaces. Type 3A includes one full bathroom and one powder room (w/c). Type 3B has two full bathrooms. All three bedroom units have one queen size bed and three twin beds.

Apartment Keys

How to Collect Your Apartment Keys

Apartment key packets can be picked up at the reception desk in Fuld Hall. The reception desk is located to the right upon entering the main doors of Fuld Hall.

If you arrive between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, you may collect your apartment key packet from the receptionist on duty.

If you arrive after 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or at any time on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, you may collect your apartment key packet from the public safety officer on duty. If the public safety officer is not present at the reception desk when you arrive, you may use the telephone on the desk in the lobby to contact him by dialing 5460. If you reach a voice mail box, please leave a message. The public safety officer will come to Fuld Hall generally within 15 minutes of a call.

Please leave your apartment keys and access cards in the apartment when you leave. 

Cable Television

All apartments are pre-wired for Comcast cable television service. Simply contact Anthony Caira at 732-496-1122 to order your service. Please note that we do not permit cable internet service in the apartments.

Please be sure to disconnect your service and return the cable equipment prior to your departure from IAS housing.  We suggest you return the equipment to the UPS Store on Nassau Street, or at the Princeton Shopping Center.  Both locations will accept the equipment return at no charge to you, give you a receipt, and Comcast will pay the return shipping charges.  The cable company will continue to charge you if you do not disconnect the service and return the equipment.

Please note that we do not provide televisions.

Departure Instructions

Departure Instructions

Members, visitors, and research staff appointed for the first term are expected to vacate their apartments no later than December 26. Scholars appointed for the full academic year or the second term may remain in residence until July 31. Unless your appointment continues into the following academic year, occupancy may not be extended past July 31. It is important to notify Sharon Tozzi (, ext. 8383) in writing at least one month prior to your departure.

Partial days, based on a daily rate of one-thirtieth (1/30th) of the monthly rate, will be calculated for the arrival and departure month (if not here for the entire month).  Questions concerning the rent payment policy may be addressed to Mary Mazza (, ext. 8208).

Apartment Inspection: Please make an appointment with Andy Compton ( ext. 8230) for apartment inspection. Please plan to be present at your inspection to discuss the condition of your apartment. Upon departure from the Institute, the apartment should be left in good condition with all debris removed. Please be sure to remove all food from the refrigerator, but do not turn it off. Residents are responsible for any damages to the apartment or furnishings beyond the normal wear. If additional cleaning is required over and above the normal standards, a cleaning charge will be assessed. Please note that it is necessary to have your apartment inspected prior to settling your Institute charges with the Business Office.

Apartment Keys: Upon final departure from your apartment, you may leave the keys in the apartment on the kitchen table to be retrieved by the Housing Maintenance staff. Please lock the apartment door when you depart. Please be certain to return all keys that were issued to you.

Apartment Telephone Disconnection: It is important to notify Sharon Tozzi (, ext. 8383) in writing of any changes to your date of departure. If you are here for one term or less, and have local or full Institute phone service, it will be disconnected on the day following your departure date. Please arrange for payment of your telephone bill with the Accounts Receivable Department (, 951-4447). 

Disconnection and Cancellation of Other Services: If you subscribed to cable television, please call Comcast at 1-800-462-2832, to arrange for disconnection of service. Please be sure to return your cable box or they will continue your monthly charges.  Please cancel newspaper delivery and notify credit card companies and banks of your new address.

Forwarding Address: Please leave your forwarding address with your School’s Administrative Officer for your Institute mail. Additionally, it is very important that you notify the US Postal Service of your new address. The Institute cannot guarantee that mail sent to your apartment will be forwarded to you. A Change of Address form should be completed at least 30 days prior to departure or as soon as you know your new address and the date of your move. A separate form must be completed for each family member with a different family name. Change of Address forms may be obtained from the Institute’s Mail Information Center, located between the lower levels of Fuld Hall and Building B.

Health Insurance: If you obtained health insurance through the Institute, please contact Beatrice Jessen (, ext. 8243) at least one month prior to your departure in order to arrange for termination of your health insurance. If Ms. Jessen is not contacted within one month of your departure, you may be charged for unwanted extended coverage.

Institute Charges: After your apartment has been inspected, please contact the Accounts Receivable Department (, ext.4447) several days before your departure to make an appointment to settle your Institute account. Please be prepared to pay cash in the Dining Hall during the last week before your leave in order to facilitate the settling of your account. The Institute accepts cash, checks, and travelers checks. The Institute does not accept credit cards. When you arrive for your appointment, please bring your photocopy card with you in order to obtain credit for any unused copies.

Laundry Cards: The $3.00 deposit and any amount remaining on the laundry card is refundable when the card is returned to the receptionist in Fuld Hall during regular business hours.

Library Books: Please check with the libraries to be certain that all books have been returned.

Your school’s Administrative Officer will have further departure instructions applicable to your school. Please check with her for further information.

Emergency Information

Emergency Contact Information (9) 9-1-1

For medical, fire, or police emergency, press 9 for an outside line, then 9-1-1. This number should only be used in extreme emergencies.  If you dial 9-1-1 in error, do not hang up.  Tell the police dispatcher that you misdialed.  If you hang up on the dispatcher, they will send a police car to your apartment or office to verify that there is no emergency. 

Institute Public Safety personnel may be reached at ext. 5460 or by calling 9-947-5940 during evenings, weekends, or holiday closings. For non-emergency situations, the Princeton Township Police Department can be reached at 9-921-2100


Ethernet Connections

The Institute maintains a local area network that extends to the apartments.  Currently, the study in the apartment has two activated 10/100 Mbit auto-negotiating Ethernet jacks which are directly connected to the IAS computer network.  In the 2012-3 and 2013-4 terms, all apartment jacks will be upgraded to 10/100/1000 Mbit.  All Ethernet jacks in Short Term Academic Housing apartment are already 10/100/1000 Mbit.

The jack labeled D2A is reserved for IAS equipment which provides our wireless network.  Please do not tamper with this equipment.   Removal of the equipment from D2A will deactivate the jack and degrade the wireless network in your apartment as well as the surrounding apartments.

All other Ethernet jacks in the apartments are available to residents. As on our wireless network, registered wired devices will have access to the Internet and designated campus resources. 

To register a device, plug it into an available jack or connect to the IAS wireless network and point a web browser to

Please do not use any Ethernet jack for a personal wireless router as it is against IAS policy:

Finding Food, Groceries and Other Necessities

Princeton Street Guide

The Dining Hall reopens Tuesday, September 4 and serves continental breakfast from 8:00 to 11:00 am, Monday through Friday. Buffet lunch is served from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday (Saturday lunches begin late September). Vending machines with soda and snacks are located at the bottom of the stairs on the lower level of Fuld Hall and in the laundry facility. The local Wawa Market is open 24 hours and is a 20-minute walk (1.4 miles/2.25 km); however, the route can be very dark at night. AAA Princeton Taxi (921-1177) provides 24-hour service to and from Princeton Borough.

The Institute provides free shuttle service between the Institute and Princeton. The scheduled service runs Monday through Friday with an abbreviated schedule on Saturdays. The shuttle makes several daily stops at Palmer Square (Monday through Saturday) where you will find a number of coffee shops, restaurants, banks, and stores along Palmer Square, Nassau Street, and Witherspoon Street.

Two New Jersey Transit bus routes, the 605 and 606, serve the Princeton area and stop at Palmer Square in downtown Princeton and the Princeton Shopping Center. The closest bus stop is 0.8 miles (1.29 km) from the Institute near the corner of Stockton Street and Elm Road.

Fire Safety

Each apartment is equipped with a fire extinguisher.  For your personal safety and the safety of others, please do not remove batteries from the smoke detectors that are installed in your apartment.

Please contact Andy Compton ( ext. 8230, of the Housing Maintenance Office with any questions.


Firewood can be purchased from the Institute for $85 per one-half cord. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the laundry facility. While neighbors can share the half cord of wood, delivery can only be made to one location.  We also ask that firewood only be stored downstairs and not on porches or balconies.


When you arrive at IAS

All Housing Complex apartments are furnished. Apartments have standard curtains and blinds and residents are requested not to substitute their own. Limited supply prevents the replacement of the types of beds and furniture included in the inventory for a particular apartment. An inventory was prepared by the Housing Maintenance Office staff and was placed in your apartment for your approval upon arrival. Please review the form and contact Andy Compton ( with any questions you may have concerning the furnishings and kitchen supplies in your apartment.

Pictures, posters, or wall decorations should be hung with 3M Command Products (  Please do not trade or move furniture to other apartments, leave furniture outside on balconies or porches, or remove Institute furniture to off-campus storage facilities.

Residents are responsible for any damages to the apartment or furnishings beyond normal wear and will be charged the cost of repair or replacement of damaged structures or items. If it is determined at the time of apartment inspection that any additional cleaning is required over and above the normal standards, the resident will be charged for the additional cleaning at an hourly rate.

An ironing board is provided in each apartment and a limited number of irons can be signed out from the Housing Maintenance Office. Also included are wastebaskets, a bucket, mop, sponge, dustpan, brush, broom, plunger, fire extinguisher, and a starter set of hangers. Folding beds may be borrowed from the Housing Maintenance Office for overnight guests.

Garbage Collection and Recycling

Recycling is mandatory in New Jersey. It is requested that all Housing Complex residents follow these steps in order to maintain compliance. Please contact Andy Compton or Greg Kaytus ( ext. 8230, of the Housing Maintenance Office with any questions.

  • Garbage should be placed inside the green bins which contain two trash receptacles. These green bins are located near each building. Garbage will be collected on a regular basis.

  • Metal, glass containers, and plastic items are to be placed in the grey recycling receptacles which are located next to the green bins.  They will be collected as needed.

  • Newspapers, magazines, and mail order catalogs should be bundled and placed near the grey containers. Unwanted cardboard boxes may also be placed in this area for pick up.

Cooking grease, oils, or food waste should not be poured down the sink since doing so can cause major plumbing problems for all apartments in the building. Grease and oils should be collected in separate containers and placed with the other garbage in the green bins. We also ask that paper towels and personal hygiene products not be flushed for the same reasons. They should be wrapped and placed with the garbage.; Thicker brands of bathroom tissue can also cause plumbing problems.; It is recommended to purchase thinner brands to avoid clogs to the plumbing system.

Laundry Facility

The laundry facility is located in the center of the Housing Complex and is equipped with washers and dryers available for use 24 hours a day. The Activites Building, which houses the laundry facility, will automatically lock between the hours of 5:30 pm and 7:30 am each weekday and will be locked 24 hours on weekends and holidays. Your Institute identification card is automatically programmed for access to the main entrance of the Activities Building, the laundry, and to the lounge. During regular business hours, however, the doors will remain open and the identification card will not be required for access.

Our laundry facility has brand new, commercial grade, front-loading machines, which use less water and energy, and utilize a new generation of card reading hardware. We've taken steps to add more functionality to the IAS ID card, which will eliminate the need for most of the IAS community to have to add cash to a separate care to operate the machines, although, you may still add cash to your ID card if you so choose.

Members and Visitors who are staying at IAS for more than 30 days:

These cardholders will have the option of adding cash to their existing IAS ID card, or charging their laundry costs to their account much like the dining hall charges.  If you choose to charge the laundry costs to your account, they will be listed on your normal IAS statement of charges as "laundry charges".

Members and Visitors who are staying at IAS for less than 30 days:

These cardholders can add cash to their non-photo IAS visitor ID card, or to the Temporary Access Card they receive when they check-in at IAS upon arrival.

For both scenarios above, cash can be added to a card at Fuld Hall Reception.  A cardholder can also get a cash refund from the Fuld Hall receptionist for any cash balance that exists on the card before the visitor leaves IAS.

Old Laundry Cards:

If you still have an old laundry card, please stop by the Fuld Hall receptionist to receive your cash balance on the card, or you may have it transferred to your IAS ID card.You can also request your card deposit be returned to you, or put on your card as cash credit.  These cards will no longer work in the laundry facility.

The cost to use a washer is $1.50 per load.  The cost to use a dryer is $1.50 per load.

Linens and Towels

Bed Linens, Bath Towels, Blankets & Baby Cribs

The items you requested on your Arrival Date/Linen Request form were placed in your assigned apartment prior to your arrival.  If any items were missing, please contact Andy Compton ( ext. 8230 of the Housing Maintenance Office.  If you would like to purchase/rent additional items, please contact Housing ( ext. 8383.

The purchase prices for the bed linens and bath towels, and the one-time rental fees for the blankets and baby cribs are listed below. Bed linens are sold in sets consisting of one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one or two pillowcases. A bedspread, pillow(s), and mattress pad are provided free of charge for each bed in your apartment. Blankets and baby cribs are rented and must be returned upon departure. Linens for baby cribs are not available.

The purchase prices for the bed linens and bath towels, and the one-time rental fees for the blankets and baby cribs are as follows:

Bed Linen Purchase - Twin Size

1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 1 pillowcase

$18.00 per package

Bed Linen Purchase - Full Size

1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases

$23.00 per package

Bed Linen Purchase - Queen Size

1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases

$25.00 per package

Bath Towel Purchase

$10.00 each towel

Blanket Rental - Twin Size

$7.00 each blanket

Blanket Rental - Queen Size

$8.00 each blanket

Baby Crib Rental

$15.00 each baby crib

Bed sizes are as follows:

Twin Size

75 x 38 inches (190.5 x 96.52 cm)

Full Size - Murphy Bed

75 x 53 inches (190.5 x 134.62 cm)

Queen Size

80 x 60 inches (203.2 x 152.4 cm)


20 x 26 inches (50.8 x 66.04 cm)

Maintenance Office

Housing maintenance requests and questions should be directed to Andy Compton ( of the Housing Maintenance Office. The Housing Maintenance Office is located in the laundry facility, adjacent to the Activities Building.  Andy Compton has walk-in office hours during the periods of 8:00 to 9:00 am and 4:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  At all other times during regular business hours, Andy Compton is busy working around the complex and messages should be left on his voice mail, ext. 8230, which he regularly monitors throughout the course of the day.  During evenings, weekends, and holidays closings , emergency maintenance needs should be reported to the public safety officer on duty in Fuld Hall (ext. 8241).

A limited number of irons can be signed out and folding beds may be borrowed from the Housing Maintenance Office during walk-in hours.  Please make arrangements for folding beds in advance, particularly if you expect guests during holidays.

Marquand Guest House

Mary Marquand Guest House

Use of the Marquand House is limited to invited guests of permanent faculty or schools of the Institute for Advanced Study.

Marquand House is located at 150 Stockton Street in Princeton. The house is not visible from the street; however, there is a sign for the house at the entrance.

The guest house is approximately one mile away and an easy walk to the Institute campus.  If you plan to arrive via The Airporter, it is a short distance to Marquand House from both the Nassau Inn stop and the Institute stop.

If you know your approximate time of arrival, particularly if you plan to arrive after 9:00 pm or on a Sunday, please contact the caretaker, Teri Van Schoick in advance at 609-921-7426 or e-mail ( during regular business hours. Additionally, please notify us of any changes to your arrival or departure dates as soon as possible.

The caretaker will expect you on the day of your arrival. Breakfast is included with each night's stay at Marquand House. Details will be provided by the caretaker upon your arrival. If you need to be contacted during your visit, Teri can provide you with the telephone number for your room.

Off-Campus Storage Facilities

Due to limited space and for reasons of liability, the Institute is unable to provide separate storage space for personal belongings. Storage space can be rented off campus through one of the local self-service storage facilities.

These offer monthly rental units in various sizes.  For more options, please consult the yellow pages of the telephone book.


Pets - Institute Policies & Local Laws

Importing Animals to the US

While the Institute does not prohibit Members from bringing a pet, there is a limit of one pet per apartment. We allow domestic pets only, no exotic pets, and we do not allow new pets to be acquired while in residence. A $100 registration fee is charged per term, and will be billed to your Institute account. A $125 fee will be charged for any unregistered pet discovered after one week of occupancy. All apartments with a pet must use Institute-provided slipcovers on all furniture. Any damage or need for additional cleaning caused by a pet will be billed to the resident. Please note that if you are taking care of a pet for someone else in your apartment, the same fees and regulations will apply. Pets are not allowed to run loose (per Princeton Township), and are not permitted in any academic, administrative, or common building on campus.

Princeton's Animal Control Officer regularly patrols the Institute's campus, woods, and surrounding area. To avoid penalties, all dog owners are required to adhere to Princeton's laws:

By law, all dogs must be accompanied by and under the control of a responsible person, and the dog must be on a leash not to exceed 8 feet in length, 24 hours a day. Dogs in parks shall be restrained by a leash not to exceed 16 feet. Owners are also required by law to remove all feces deposited by such dog on public or private property and must dispose of same in a sanitary manner.

New Jersey State law mandates that all dogs six months of age or older be licensed. When applying for your dog's license, a valid rabies certificate must be presented; and by presenting a spaying/neutering certificate from your veterinarian you will be exempt from the $3.00 state surcharge for an unsterilized dog. The license fees are $20.00 and $23.00.; Dog licenses are also obtainable by mail by contacting the Princeton Clerk's Office, 400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Questions and Concerns

Housing maintenance requests and questions should be directed to the Housing Maintenance Office, ext. 8230. The Housing Maintenance Office is located in the laundry facility, adjacent to the Activities Building. Andy Compton and Greg Kaytus have walk-in office hours during the periods of 8:00 to 9:00 am and 4:00 to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. At all other times during regular business hours, Andy and Greg are working around the complex and messages should be left on the voice mail, ext. 8230, which is regularly monitored  throughout the course of the day. During evenings, weekends, and holidays, emergency maintenance needs should be reported to the Public Safety Officer on duty in Fuld Hall, ext. 8241.

Rent Payment Policy

The monthly rent is due on the first of each month, with the exception of the arrival month. The rent for the arrival month will be due after one's arrival at IAS. All subsequent months will be due on the first of the month. For Members who are paid by the Institute, rent will be deducted from the monthly stipend check. A monthly statement of account will be mailed to those who will not receive compensation from the Institute.

Partial days, based on a daily rate of one-thirtieth (1/30th) of the monthly rate, will be calculated for the arrival and departure months (if not here for the entire month). Questions concerning the rent payment policy may be addressed to the Comptroller, Mary Mazza (

When an apartment is assigned to a one-term or full-year member, it is understood that the tenancy expires at the conclusion of the term or academic year. Please note that Institute apartments may not be sublet. Apartment rental rates are reviewed annually and rent increases will be effective on July 1st.

Short-term Academic Housing

Annually, some 190 visiting Members from about one hundred universities and research institutions throughout the world are invited to the Institute to hone their skills and do their best work, guided by a permanent Faculty of no more than twenty-eight eminent scholars. One of the defining aspects of the Institute is its existence as a strongly residential community of scholars. This factor is essential in maintaining the level and intensity of intellectual exchange that occurs across the range of study in the sciences and humanities at the Institute.

In the early years of the Institute, Members were housed in private apartments found throughout Princeton Borough. After World War II, Princeton experienced significant population growth and an increase in housing costs, making it difficult and expensive to rely on private apartment rentals to house all Members. There was a demonstrated need for a long-term, comprehensive housing plan, and the creation of a residential community on campus.

Marcel Breuer Buildings

The Institute undertook a significant project in 1957 with the construction of 107 studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments in twenty-two buildings. These buildings, designed by Marcel Breuer, were recognized for their functionality and achieved a high degree of comfort and practicality at a reasonable cost. In addition, they accomplished the much needed purpose of bringing Members together in such a way that they had freedom and ease of contact, not only during normal working hours, but also during other moments of intellectual creativity. A second housing expansion, built in the mid-1960s and designed by Princeton architect Thaddeus Longstreth, was an updated facsimile of the Breuer units and significantly expanded the number of Member apartments. A third expansion occurred in the mid-1980s, and finally a major renovation and further expansion occurred in the late-1990s with the demolition of seven buildings, the addition of a second floor to six of the remaining buildings, and a reconfiguration of units to achieve the existing mix of apartment sizes.

Need for Short-term Housing

The current profile of Member and Visitor housing includes 169 apartments in twenty-one buildings, and a guest residence, Marquand House. While the Institute has benefited significantly from the availability of on-campus Member housing over the years, several factors have emerged which generate a need to once again increase overall housing capacity and rebalance the mix of available units to include a larger proportion of small apartments.

  South-west view of proposed short-term Visitor housing

It is the housing need of short-term Visitors that guides thinking on how to meet the need to increase overall capacity. In 2007, Faculty and Members were joined by some 440 short-term Visitors, whose stay averaged six nights. These Visitors, on site for an academic conference or at the invitation of a Faculty member, are housed in apartments scattered across the residential campus. A Residence specially designed to accommodate short-term Visitors would dramatically improve both the academic and social qualities of the conference or brief academic visit, while allowing the Institute to consolidate its staff and services to better meet their needs. With the addition of a dedicated Visitors’ Residence, the apartments currently held in reserve for short-term Visitors can be released into the pool available for Members. This will improve the efficiency of Member apartment allocations and create the capacity needed to accommodate growth in the School of Natural Sciences and the School of Social Science.

Housing Plans

  North-west view of proposed short-term Visitor housin

The entire plan for the Visitors’ Residence complex consists of three new apartment buildings with nineteen apartments and a Commons building, providing meeting, reception, and social space. The Institute has appointed the Princeton, New Jersey firm of Holt Morgan Russell Architects, P.A., to develop plans for the Visitors’ Residence. Each of the nineteen apartment units are approximately 580 square feet and contain one bedroom, bathroom, living room, and an open entry area. Parking meets all statutory requirements, with spaces for each unit, in addition to two handicapped spaces and one for service, for a total of twenty-two.

Phase one will consist of buildings A and B, a two-level, two-building structure, with fourteen one-bedroom apartments, and rooms for housekeeping and telecommunications equipment (9,975 square feet). Phase two will include building C and a commons building, the first a two-level structure, with five one-bedroom apartments and the second a single level building. The first level of building C will have two apartment units separated by a protected courtyard; the second level will have three apartment units (2,231 square feet). The commons building will encourage the continuation of scholarly and social discourse outside a formal conference agenda. Current plans call for a central foyer/gallery, a sitting room with fireplace, a meeting/seminar room that can also be set for dining, and associated support space (3,401 square feet).

Telephone Problems

To Report a Problem with Your Telephone

To report a problem with your telephone or request a change of service, send an e-mail message to, call the telephone help line (ext. 8009) or address interoffice mail to Receptionist. After hours, on weekends, and during holiday closings, you may continue to use these methods, or notify security at ext. 8241. If your phone is not functioning and you are unable to report the problem, please notify the receptionist or public safety officer at the Reception desk in Fuld Hall. Most trouble reports are addressed by the end of the next working day.

Information about the telephone system and its capabilities, programming instructions, and rates can be found via the Telecommunications site.

Telephone Service

Telephone Service - Apartments

International Dialing Codes

The Institute for Advanced Study owns and operates a campus-wide Northern Telecom Meridian telephone system that provides service to all academic and administrative buildings, and to apartments in the Housing Complex.   Complete information about programming telephones, rates, and additional service options can be found on the Institute's Telecommunications web page.

Apartment Telephone Service:  Every apartment is supplied with a telephone that has an Institute telephone number.  You can make internal campus calls, emergency calls (9-911) and credit and calling card calls from this phone.  This phone number will be published in the Institute directory, as well as on various web pages.  If you are a member or visitor to the Institute, you may choose a service level for this telephone as your primary phone line.  A telephone's ability to dial other numbers is set by its service level; however, you will be able to receive all telephone calls no matter which level you choose.  Voice mail is only available with full service. 

Your apartment telephone was programmed for the level of service you requested by completion of your Telephone Authorization form prior to your arrival.  Applicable charges will be billed to your Institute account.  Requests for changes of service may be made via e-mail to telephone at ias.

The following three services are available for apartment telephones:

  • Full Service:  Allows an unlimited calling area and includes voice mail.  $42 connection fee, $16.79 monthly service charge, plus applicable toll charges.
  • Local Service:  Includes on-campus dialing plus the ability to call external numbers in exchanges defined as local to the Princeton calling area by Verizon (formerly known as Bell Atlantic).  Local service also allows for toll-free long distance and credit card calls.  Voice mail is not included with local service.  $10 connection fee plus $16.79 monthly service charge.
  • Internal Service:  Allows on-campus dialing only, (9) 9-1-1 emergency calls, toll-free long distance and credit card calls.  Voice mail is not included with internal service.  If you did not select a telephone plan for your apartment, this is the default level of service.  There is no charge for internal service.

The long distance carrier for the Institute's housing telephone system is Primus.  For a variety of technical reasons and limitations, the system is constrained to Primus and it is not possible to change the default carrier or long distance plan.  You may use another carrier by dialing the toll-free access number for that carrier and then using a credit, debit, or calling card to pay for the call.  Questions about the system, rates, and billing may be addressed to Cynthia Gilbert ( ext. 8236, or by consulting the Institute's Telecommunications page.

The apartment phone jack will support fax and modem devices.  You may purchase a splitter at any computer or telephone store to enable you to plug in both your telephone and fax or modem at the same time.  You will only be able to use one device at a time, however.  For example, if you are using your modem, you will not receive incoming voice calls.  If you need to use two devices simultaneously, apartments are wired to allow the second jack to be turned on for a second device for an additional charge. Arrangements can be made via e-mail to telephone (

How to Place a Call

  • Press 9 for an outside line, then the seven-digit number for local calls.
  • Press 9-1, the three-digit area code, then the seven-digit number for calls outside our area code (609).
  • For international calls, press 9 for an outside line, then 0-1-1, country code, city code, and number.
  • To call other offices and apartments on campus, simply dial the last four digits of the seven digit number.

Institute telephone directories are published in September and January of each academic year.  All changes, additions, and deletions should be sent to Human Resources (, 101/102 Fuld Hall.

Voice Mail

A flashing red light on your telephone means you have voice mail messages.

  • Press 8-0-1-0 to access voice mail.  Listen for instructions.
  • At prompt requesting mailbox, enter your extension (last four digits of your telephone number) then press #.
  • At the next prompt requesting password, again enter your extension (the default password) then press #.
  • To play the message, press 2.  To delete the message, press 7-6.  To go to the next message, press 6.
  • To access your messages from another location, call (609) 734-8010, then follow the above directions.

To Record Your External & Internal Greetings

Callers from outside the Institute hear your external greeting.   Callers from inside the Institute hear your internal greeting.

  • Press 8-0-1-0 to access voice mail.  Log on by following the above directions.  Press 8-2 to record greetings.
  • Press 1 for external greeting or press 2 for internal greeting (press 3 for temporary greeting).
  • Press 5 to record, wait for tone, then record.
  • Press # to end recording.  Press 4 to exit.

Reporting Telephone Problems

To report a problem with your telephone or to request a change of service, use any of the following methods:

  • Via e-mail, address message to
  • Via telephone, dial ext. 8009.
  • Via interoffice mail - address interoffice envelope to Receptionist.

Please provide your name, where you can be reached, the phone number and location of the faulty equipment, and the description of the problem you are experiencing with your phone.  After hours, during weekends, and on holidays, you may continue to use any of these methods or notify Security at ext. 8241.  If your phone is not functioning and you are unable to call to report the problem, please notify the receptionist or public safety officer at the Reception Desk in Fuld Hall.  Most trouble reports are addressed by the end of the next business day.

Terms and Conditions of Occupancy

The following Terms and Conditions of Occupancy are part of the Institute for Advanced Study's Letter of Housing Assignment.  The term Institute shall hereafter refer to the Institute for Advanced Study and all its properties and, the term Member(s) will hereafter include the principal invited Member(s), Visitor(s), and Research Staff of the Institute AND their families.

Upon physical occupancy of an Institute unit, Members will be bound to the following Terms and Conditions of Occupancy.


Members may use the rented premises only as a home for personal and family use.  Should the premises be used for the purpose of a personal business for private gain, the Institute reserves the right to request that the occupant cease such operation and /or vacate the premises.


Members are required to give written notice of intent to vacate at least one month prior to their departure date.  Subleasing a unit is not permitted.   Relocations from one unit to another are not permitted without prior written Institute approval.


The monthly rent is due on the first of each month, with the exception of the arrival month. The rent for the arrival month will be due after one's arrival at IAS. All subsequent months will be due on the first of the month. For Members who are paid by the Institute, the rent will be deducted from the monthly stipend check.  A monthly statement of account will be mailed to those who will not receive compensation from the Institute.

At the time of departure, an adjustment is made in the final month's rent to reflect the following policy:  A rental month starts on the date of arrival.   The arrival date becomes the month-end date for each subsequent rental month.   Partial days from the last full rental month to the departure date will be charged at a daily rate.  The daily rate will be one-thirtieth (1/30) of the monthly rate.


  • The Institute may recover possession of the rented premises by giving 30 days advance notice in writing under the following conditions:

  • Termination of eligibility under paragraph 1 above.

  • If a Member fails to pay rent or other charges when due.

  • If a Member does not comply with any of these Terms and Conditions.

  • If the Institute closes all or part of a unit, provided that other suitable accommodations are offered to the Member at established charges.


The Institute reserves the right to adjust the rate of rental for a unit for the succeeding year.


The Institute and Members shall cooperate in the care of the premises.   Members shall notify the Institute's Housing Maintenance Office of damage or need for repair of property.  Members may not make alterations or repairs to a unit or its equipment; the Housing Maintenance Office should be notified.  Members are responsible for the care of Institute-owned property and equipment, normal wear and tear excepted.


Authorized representatives of the Institute may enter a unit when requested by Members or with notice during reasonable hours in order to provide efficient service (repairs, improvements, major maintenance, etc.).  The Institute may enter premises without notice when necessary for emergency service, for the safety of Members or other occupants of Institute housing, or when there is reason to believe that these Terms and Conditions or applicable governmental statutes or ordinances are not being complied with.


Members shall promptly comply with all statutes, ordinances, rules, orders, regulations, and requirements of the federal, state, and city government applicable to the premises, for the correction, prevention, and abatement of the nuisances, violations, or other grievances, in, upon, or connected with the premises; and shall also promptly comply with and execute all rules, orders, and regulations for the prevention of fires, and shall do nothing that would increase the fire insurance rates of the Institute.


  • Aerials:  The Institute does not permit the installation of television aerials.

  • Automobile:  Cars shall be parked only as directed.

  • Fire Hazard:  Members shall take every care to prevent fires, and inflammable material, other than normal household items, shall not be kept anywhere on the premises.

  • Heating:  Members must obtain permission from the Housing Maintenance Office before using any other facilities for heating than are provided.

  • Laundry:  Clothes shall be dried only in the laundry room.

  • Signs:  Signs, placards, or banners are to be displayed in designated areas only.

  • Storage:  The Institute does not provide storage within its properties.   Members may obtain alternate commercial storage units for their personal belongings around/within the Princeton area.

  • Fencing:  Members may not erect fences.

  • Pets:  Members may keep a pet brought from home only after the Pet Registration fee has been paid and with the understanding that should the pet(s) become a nuisance to others or destructive, noisy, or otherwise obnoxious, such permission will be revoked by the Institute which shall have the sole right to make such a determination.  Members are requested not to acquire pets while living in Institute housing.

  • Rubbish, Garbage and Waste:  Members shall dispose of rubbish, garbage and waste in the proper manner in the interest of health, sanitation, and appearance of the property, as determined by the Institute's Housing Maintenance Office and in conformance with local ordinances.  Members may not shake, clean, or hang anything including bedclothes, rugs, dust cloths, towels, etc. from windows or on roofs of buildings.

  • Gardens:  Members are not permitted the use of the ground for gardens.

  • Structures:  Members are not permitted the construction or placement of any structure on the grounds.

  • Noise:  Excessive noise whether caused by the Members or their guests is not permitted.

  • Musical Instruments:  Pianos are not permitted in Institute apartments.  A piano is provided in the Activities Center for use by members and their families.

  • Changing Apartments: There will be a standard fee charged for switching apartments.


Representatives of the Institute have not made any promises with respect to the premises or unit other than mentioned herein.  The failure of the Institute to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions shall not be considered as a waiver thereof, but all shall continue in full force and effect.

The Institute reserves the right to change eligibility requirements and to make such other general rules as are necessary for the safety, care, and cleanliness of the premises, and for securing the comfort and convenience of all occupants of Institute housing.

The unenforceability of any one or more of these Terms and Conditions shall have no effect on the enforceability of the other Terms, and such Term or Condition will be deemed to have been deleted from said Terms and Conditions of Occupancy.