Campus Housing - Departure Instructions

Departure Instructions

Members, visitors, and research staff appointed for the first term are expected to vacate their apartments no later than December 23. Scholars appointed for the full academic year or the second term may remain in residence until July 31. Unless your appointment continues into the following academic year, occupancy may not be extended past July 31. It is important to notify Sharon Tozzi (, ext. 8383) in writing at least one month prior to your departure.

Partial rent for the arrival and departure month (if not here for the entire month) will be pro-rated. Please refer to Use and Occupancy Agreement for pro-ration method. Questions concerning the rent payment policy may be addressed to Mary Mazza (, ext. 8208).

Apartment Inspection: Please make an appointment with Andy Compton (, ext. 8230) for apartment inspection. Please plan to be present at your inspection to discuss the condition of your apartment. Upon departure from the Institute the apartment should be cleaned including, but not limited to, all appliances emptied and wiped down, dishware clean and in cabinets, floors vacuumed and/or mopped, bathroom free of mildew and soap scum, fireplace ashes (cooled then disposed of in exterior trash receptacle), furniture dust free and in original location. Please be sure to remove all food from the refrigerator, but do not turn it off. Residents are responsible for any damages to the apartment or furnishings beyond the normal wear. If additional cleaning is required over and above the normal standards, a cleaning charge will be assessed. Please note that it is necessary to have your apartment inspected prior to settling your Institute charges with the Business Office.

Apartment Access Cards: Upon final departure from your apartment, you may leave the access cards in the apartment on the kitchen table. Please lock the apartment door when you depart. Please be certain to return any keys that were issued to you.

Apartment Telephone Disconnection: It is important to notify Sharon Tozzi ( in writing of any changes to your date of departure. If you are here for one term or less, and have local or full Institute phone service, it will be disconnected on the day following your departure date. Please arrange for payment of your telephone bill with the Accounts Receivable Department (, 951-4447).

Disconnection and Cancellation of Other Services: If you subscribed to cable television, please call Comcast at 1-800-462-2832, to arrange for disconnection of service. Please be sure to return your cable box or they will continue your monthly charges. Please cancel newspaper delivery and notify credit card companies and banks of your new address.

Forwarding Address: It is very important that you notify the US Postal Service of your new address. Also, please leave your forwarding address with your School’s Administrative Officer for your Institute office mail. The Institute cannot guarantee that mail sent to your apartment will be forwarded to you. A Change of Address form should be completed at least 30 days prior to departure or as soon as you know your new address and the date of your move. A separate form must be completed for each family member with a different family name. Change of Address forms may be obtained from the Institute’s Mail Information Center, located between the lower levels of Fuld Hall and Building B or at

Health Insurance: If you obtained health insurance through the Institute, please contact Cindy Pearce (, ext. 4436) at least one month prior to your departure in order to arrange for termination of your health insurance. If Ms. Pearce is not contacted within one month of your departure, you may be charged for unwanted extended coverage.

Institute Charges: After your apartment has been inspected, please contact the Accounts Receivable Department (, ext.4447) several days before your departure to make an appointment to settle your Institute account. The Institute accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and travelers checks. 

Library Books: Please check with the libraries to be certain that all books have been returned.

Your school’s Administrative Officer will have further departure instructions applicable to your school. Please check with her for further information.