Campus Housing - Rent Payment Policy

The monthly rent is due on the last day of each month. For Members who are paid by the Institute, rent will be deducted from the monthly stipend check. For Members not being paid by the Institute, a monthly statement of charges will be mailed to your office mailbox and rent is not due until receipt of your statement of charges.

Rent for the arrival and departure months (if not here for the entire month) will be pro-rated. Please refer to Use and Occupancy Agreement for pro-ration method. Questions concerning the rent payment policy may be addressed to the Comptroller, Mary Mazza (

When an apartment is assigned to a one-term or full-year member, it is understood that the tenancy expires at the conclusion of the term or academic year. Please note that Institute apartments may not be sublet. Apartment rental rates are reviewed annually and rent increases will be effective on August 1st.