Campus Housing - Marquand Guest House

Mary Marquand Guest House

Use of the Marquand House is limited to invited guests of permanent faculty or schools of the Institute for Advanced Study.

Marquand House is located at 150 Stockton Street in Princeton. The house is not visible from the street; however, there is a sign for the house at the entrance.

The guest house is approximately one mile away and an easy walk to the Institute campus. If you plan to arrive via The Airporter, it is a short distance to Marquand House from both the Nassau Inn stop and the Institute stop.

If you know your approximate time of arrival, particularly if you plan to arrive after 9:00 pm or on a Sunday, please contact the caretaker, Teri Van Schoick in advance at 609-921-7426 or e-mail ( during regular business hours. Additionally, please notify us of any changes to your arrival or departure dates as soon as possible.

The caretaker will expect you on the day of your arrival. Breakfast is included with each night's stay at Marquand House. Details will be provided by the caretaker upon your arrival. If you need to be contacted during your visit, Teri can provide you with the telephone number for your room.