Campus Housing - Laundry Facility

The laundry facility is located in the center of the Housing Complex and is equipped with washers and dryers available for use 24 hours a day. The Activites Building, which houses the laundry facility, will automatically lock between the hours of 5:30 pm and 7:30 am each weekday and will be locked 24 hours on weekends and holidays. Your Institute identification card is automatically programmed for access to the main entrance of the Activities Building, the laundry, and to the lounge. During regular business hours, however, the doors will remain open and the identification card will not be required for access.

Our laundry facility has brand new, commercial grade, front-loading machines, which use less water and energy, and utilize a new generation of card reading hardware. We've taken steps to add more functionality to the IAS ID card, which will eliminate the need for most of the IAS community to have to add cash to a separate care to operate the machines, although, you may still add cash to your ID card if you so choose.

Members and Visitors who are staying at IAS for more than 30 days:

These cardholders will have the option of adding cash to their existing IAS ID card, or charging their laundry costs to their account much like the dining hall charges. If you choose to charge the laundry costs to your account, they will be listed on your normal IAS statement of charges as "laundry charges".

Members and Visitors who are staying at IAS for less than 30 days:

These cardholders can add cash to their non-photo IAS visitor ID card, or to the Temporary Access Card they receive when they check-in at IAS upon arrival.

For both scenarios above, cash can be added to a card at Fuld Hall Reception. A cardholder can also get a cash refund from the Fuld Hall receptionist for any cash balance that exists on the card before the visitor leaves IAS.

Old Laundry Cards:

If you still have an old laundry card, please stop by the Fuld Hall receptionist to receive your cash balance on the card, or you may have it transferred to your IAS ID card.You can also request your card deposit be returned to you, or put on your card as cash credit. These cards will no longer work in the laundry facility.

The cost to use a washer is $1.50 per load. The cost to use a dryer is $1.50 per load.