IAS Publications

The Institute for Advanced Study publishes a range of publications that convey the pioneering research underway at the Institute, and reflect the IAS culture where scholars and scientists from all over the world, from young postdocs to lifelong IAS collaborators, live and work together. To explore a digital collection of firsthand accounts of research and questions posed by IAS scientists and scholars, visit Ideas

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The Institute Letter

The Institute Letter publishes firsthand accounts of research and questions posed by IAS scientists and scholars, reports on breakthroughs and fields of study, and shares news of the Institute community. Explore a collection of articles spanning the last decade to today in the Ideas section.

Fac Mem 2023

Faculty and Members

Illustrates the breadth, depth, and diversity of the Institute’s academic community—featuring some 250 scholars from more than 100 institutions around the world, along with the Institute’s permanent Faculty and Emeriti.

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Annual Report

A record of the research and activities undertaken during the academic year by the Institute’s four Schools—Historical Studies, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Science—as well as special programs. Audited financial statements for each academic year are available from the Comptroller's Office or below.

The Institute Letter: Special Edition

A Special Edition of articles from the Institute Letter that delve into the latest pursuits and discoveries in physics, astrophysics, and mathematics.

Institute for Advanced Study: An Introduction

Provides background about the Institute and its history; initially published in association with the Institute's seventy-fifth anniversary in 2005 and reprinted in 2013

A Community of Scholars: Impressions of the Institute for Advanced Study

An illustrated anthology celebrating eighty years of history and intellectual inquiry at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Establishing the Institute for Advanced Study

Contains a selection of founding documents that describe the purpose and ideals of the Institute for Advanced Study as articulated by philanthropists Louis Bamberger and Caroline Bamberger Fuld, the founders of the Institute, and by Abraham Flexner, the founding Director

The Institute Seal

A study, "Truth and Beauty at the Institute for Advanced Study," by Irving Lavin, Professor Emeritus in the School of Historical Studies, and Marilyn Aronberg Lavin on the history and significance of the Institute seal

Institute Woods Map

A map of the Institute Woods, a 589-acre permanently conserved nature reserve whose trails were cleared by some of the Institute's first Faculty and Members, with photographs by Vladimir Voevodsky, Professor in the School of Mathematics

Report of the Decadal Review Committee of the Board of Trustees

The Decadal Review offers an opportunity to assess the achievements of the Institute, measured against its mission, and consider the resources that would be required in the coming years to ensure the Institute's continuing ability to provide an environment that would attract internationally leading scientists and scholars, assist and influence their future intellectual development, and facilitate fundamental research at the highest levels.

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