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Mar 26

Pottery Classes

9:30am | Housing Activities Room
Pottery Classes meet in the Activities Room. The classes are full for this term. If you are interested in joining in Term II, please email  
Mar 26

Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Seminar II

Factors of sparse polynomials: structural results and some algorithms
Shubhangi Saraf
10:30am | Simonyi Hall 101
Are factors of sparse polynomials sparse? This is a really basic question and we are still quite far from understanding it in general. In this talk, I will discuss a recent...
Mar 26

Emerging Topics working group

Coherence, planar boundaries, and the geometry of subgroups
Genevieve Walsh
11:00am | West Building Lecture Hall
Abstract: This will be a broad talk about coherence of groups, and how it relates to conjectures about hyperbolic groups with planar boundaries. A group is coherent if every...
Mar 26

Institute for Advanced Study/Princeton University Joint Astrophysics Colloquium

Constraining Cosmic Reionization with Hubble, James Webb, and WFIRST
Brant Robertson
11:00am | Princeton University, Peyton Hall, Auditorium, Room 145
Understanding cosmic reionization requires the identification and characterization of early sources of hydrogen-ionizing photons. Through a series of intense observational...
Mar 26

Institute for Advanced Study / Princeton University Bahcall Lunch

12:15pm | Princeton University, Jadwin Hall, Joseph Henry Room, Room 102
Mar 26

Variational Methods in Geometry Seminar

$alpha-harmonic$ maps between spheres
Tobias Lamm
1:00pm | Simonyi Hall 101
In a famous paper, Sacks and Uhlenbeck introduced a perturbation of the Dirichlet energy, the so-called $\alpha$-energy $E_\alpha$, $\alpha > 1$, to construct non-trivial...
Mar 26

Variational Methods in Geometry Seminar

A mountain pass theorem for minimal hypersurfaces with fixed boundary
Rafael Montezuma
3:30pm | Simonyi Hall 101
In this talk, we will be concerned with the existence of a third embedded minimal hypersurface spanning a closed submanifold B contained in the boundary of a compact...
Mar 26

Emerging Topics working group

One-relator groups, non-positive immersions and coherence
Henry Wilton
4:00pm | West Building Lecture Hall
Abstract: There seems to be an analogy between the classes of fundamental groups of compact 3-manifolds and of one-relator groups.  (Indeed, many 3-manifold groups are also...
Mar 26

NES Seminar

4:00pm | White-Levy
Mar 26


This yoga class will take place near the tapestry at the far end of the dining hall. Yoga classes for the IAS community. There is no fee and no reservation needed. A yoga mat...