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Sep 18

Physics Group Meeting

A brief review of some work on BPS states, wall-crossing, hyperkahler geometry, Hitchin systems, etc.
Greg Moore
1:45pm | Bloomberg Lecture Hall
This talk will give a brief overview focused on six papers written by D. Gaiotto, G. Moore, and A. Neitzkeloosely centered around the topics mentioned in the title. The...
Sep 18

Physics Seminar

A Look at Hadronization via High Multiplicity
Elena Kokoulina
2:00pm | Jadwin Hall, Room 303
Multiparticle production is studied experimentally and theoretically in QCD that describes interactions in the language of quarks and gluons. In the experiment the real...
Sep 18

University of Pennsylvania Astronomy Seminar

The Formation of Massive Galaxies: Deep, High-redshift Spectroscopy from the LEGA-C Survey and Beyond
Rachel Bezanson
2:00pm | David Rittenhouse Laboratory (DRL) (209 South 33rd Street), Room A6
Today’s massive elliptical galaxies are primarily red-and-dead, dispersion supported ellipticals. The physical process(es) driving the shutdown or “quenching” of star...
Sep 18

Fitness Center Training

Marci Coyle
3:30pm | Fitness Center
Sep 18

NES Seminar

4:00pm | West Seminar
Sep 19

Fitness Center Training

Marci Coyle
10:00am | Fitness Center
Sep 19

Welcome Hour

10:30am | Harry's Bar
We gather in Harry's Bar to meet others who have just arrived and to learn about the IAS and Princeton communities. People may join for lunch at noon in the Dining Hall. IAS...
Sep 19

Institute for Advanced Study Informal Astrophysics Seminar

Circumplanetary Disk Dynamics in the Isothermal and Adiabatic Limits
Jeffrey Fung
11:00am | Bloomberg Hall Astrophysics Library
The dynamics of circumplanetary disks (CPDs), mini disks formed around protoplanets embedded in their natal protoplanetary disks, is expected to regulate how the planets...
Sep 19

Rutgers University Astrophysics Seminar

The SAGA Survey: Exploration of Dwarf Galaxy Satellite Systems
Yao-Yuan Mao
1:30pm | Serin Hall, Room W330
The "Satellites Around Galactic Analogs" (SAGA) Survey is a spectroscopic survey that aims to discover and identify dwarf galaxy satellite systems around Milky Way-like...
Sep 19

Number Theory Working Group

Singular moduli for real quadratic fields (organizational meeting)
Jan Vonk
2:00pm | Princeton University, Fine Hall 1201