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Explore current and upcoming events and activities happening at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Jan 24

Princeton University HSC Group Discussion

General Discussion
10:00am | Peyton Hall, Room 025
Jan 24

Princeton University Astrophysical Sciences Supernova Discussion Group

11:00am | Peyton Hall, Room 140
Everyone is welcome. Adam Burrows is the organizer.
Jan 27


The Social Science Seminar meets every Monday for presentations by current scholars that begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude by 11:45 a.m.  Coffee is served. Attendees  include...
Jan 27

Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Seminar I

Equality Alone Does not Simulate Randomness
Marc Vinyals
11:00am | Simonyi Hall 101
Randomness can provide an exponential saving in the amount of communication needed to solve a distributed problem, and the canonical example of this is the equality function....
Jan 27

Institute for Advanced Study/Princeton University Galread [Galactic/Extragalactic Reading Group]

Spatially-Resolved UV Diagnostics of AGN Feedback: Radiation pressure dominates in a prototypical quasar-driven super wind
Discussion Leader Sean Johnson
11:00am | Princeton University, Peyton Hall, Grand Central, Room 140
Jan 27

Fitness Center Training

Marci Coyle
11:30am | Fitness Center
Jan 27

Princeton University Exoplanet Discussion Group

Lizhou Sha
12:15pm | Peyton Hall, Room 140
Jan 27

Institute for Advanced Study/Princeton University Early Universe/Cosmology Lunch Discussion - Added

Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro
12:30pm | Princeton University, Peyton Hall, Dome Room, Room 201
Organizers are Jo Dunkley, Princeton University, and Matias Zaldarriaga, Institute for Advanced Study. The lunch will be held either at Princeton University or the Institute...
Jan 27

Members' Seminar

Knotted 3-balls in the 4-sphere
David Gabai
2:00pm | Simonyi Hall 101
We give the first examples of codimension-1 knotting in the 4-sphere, i.e. there is a 3-ball B1 with boundary the standard linear 2-sphere, which is not isotopic rel boundary...
Jan 27

Symplectic Dynamics/Geometry Seminar

Symplectic embeddings, integrable systems and billiards
Vinicius Ramos
3:30pm | Simonyi Hall 101
Symplectic embedding problems are at the core of symplectic topology. Many results have been found involving balls, ellipsoids and polydisks. More recently, there has been...