Campus Housing - Ethernet Connections

The Institute maintains a local area network that extends to the apartments. Currently, the study in the apartment has two activated 10/100 Mbit auto-negotiating Ethernet jacks which are directly connected to the IAS computer network. All Ethernet jacks support 10/100/1000 Mbit connections.

The jack labeled D2A is reserved for IAS equipment which provides our wireless network. Please do not tamper with this equipment. Removal of the equipment from D2A will deactivate the jack and degrade the wireless network in your apartment as well as the surrounding apartments.

All other Ethernet jacks in the apartments are available to residents. As on our wireless network, registered wired devices will have access to the Internet and designated campus resources.

To register a device, plug it into an available jack or connect to the IAS wireless network and point a web browser to

Please do not use any Ethernet jack for a personal wireless router as it is against IAS policy: