School of Natural Sciences

The School of Natural Sciences includes nine permanent faculty and approximately fifty postdoctoral men and women working full time on frontier topics in astrophysics, biology, mathematical physics, quantum field theory, particle phenomenology, string theory and quantum gravity.

Members of the Institute are free to work on any problems in which they are interested. In any given year, some of the members will collaborate with each other, with relevant Institute faculty members, with members of the physics and astronomy faculties at Princeton University, or with scientists at other institutions. The research in mathematical physics and string theory benefits from a strong synergistic activity involving the School of Mathematics and the School of Natural Sciences. The Institute programs in physics and astronomy are closely integrated with the corresponding activities at Princeton University via joint seminars and lunches, as well as frequent informal contacts. Research in biology is pursued with the Simons Center for Systems Biology and is focused on developing general theoretical principles that are unique to living matter.

Postdoctoral members are typically appointed for three years. For a few members of exceptional promise and scientific maturity, longer term (five year) memberships are available. A small number of senior scientists can usually be accommodated on sabbatical leave.

The deadline for application for memberships in physics and astrophysics is November 15. Further information about memberships and applications can be obtained from the Apply option listed at the top of the School of Natural Sciences page. Applications in biology and requests for further information can be submitted at any time to