The administrative staff of the Institute for Advanced Study is dedicated to providing the best possible environment for its residential community of scientists and scholars, drawn from around the world to pursue theoretical research into fundamental problems in the sciences and humanities.

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David Nirenberg
Director and Leon Levy Professor
Abigail Levin
Executive Assistant

Finance and Administration

Janine M. Purcaro
Chief Operating Officer/Associate Director for Finance and Administration
Jeff Gatto
Chief Investment Officer
Michael Ciccone
Chief Facilities Officer
Jennifer Richardson
Chief Human Resources Officer/Title IX Coordinator
Mary Mazza
Chief Fiscal Officer
Jeffrey Berliner
Chief Information Officer
Brian Epstein
Chief Information Security Officer
Information Technology Manager, Network and Security
Kevin Kelly
Information Technology Manager, School of Mathematics Computing
Dario Mastroianni
Information Technology Manager, Media Technology Services
Chris McCafferty
Information Technology Manager, Software Engineering
Jonathan Peele
Information Technology Manager, Information Technology Group
James Stephens
Information Technology Manager, School of Natural Sciences Computing


Stephen Ackley-Ortiz
Chief Development Officer/Associate Director for Development
Pamela Hughes
Senior Director of Philanthropic Engagement
Diane Guvenis
Director of Annual Giving
Amy Spears
Director, Advancement Services

Strategic Initiatives, Programming, and Partnerships

Alexandra Day
Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives, Programming, and Partnerships
Susan Olson
Director of Events
Lee Sandberg
Communications and Public Relations Manager


Wei Ho
Director, Women and Mathematics
Rafe Mazzeo
Director, Park City Mathematics Institute
Michelle Huguenin
Program Manager
David Lang
Artist In Residence

Library Administration

Emma Moore
Librarian, Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Marcia Tucker
Librarian, Historical Studies and Social Science (also Coordinator of Information Access for Computing, Telecommunications, and Networking Administration)

School Administration

Nicole Maldonado
Administrative Officer, School of Mathematics
Miriam Harris
Administrative Officer, School of Social Science
Administrative Officer, School of Historical Studies
Michelle Sage
Administrative Officer, School of Natural Sciences