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Rise of the Reactionary

How self-announced "radical conservatives," like William F. Buckley, Jr., convey a "strangely exhilarating despair," according to Mark Lilla (Member, Social Science, 1997–98). In his review of Lilla's recent book, the New Yorker's Sam Tanenhaus writes: Imperfect though Trump may be, the argument goes, he has all the right enemies: Beltway insiders, academics, “social scientists, media pundits, and policy professionals,” as Clarence Thomas’s tutor John Marini wrote. . . . “They believe that the only sane response to an apocalypse," writes Lilla, "is to provoke another, in hopes of starting over." 

The Most Wanted Man in China

As of 1985 it was still not entirely safe to write about cosmology. In May of that year, I published an article in the Chinese journal Science in which I introduced quantum cosmology and referred in passing to the view that “the universe arose from nothing.” 

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