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IAS News

IAS Statement on Revised Executive Order

March 07, 2017
As an institution, we oppose the revised travel ban on the principles of justice and non-discrimination and stand in unison for the advancement of knowledge without borders and prejudice.

In the Media

Juan Maldacena, Pondering Quantum Gravity by the Pond

June 23, 2017
Grand ideas have a way of turning up in unusual settings, far from an office or a chalkboard. Quanta Magazine spoke to Juan Maldacena, Carl P. Feinberg Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, about his favorite place to think, tinker, and create.


What Do Judges Do?

By William Bentley MacLeod

The enormous power of the Supreme Court raises questions about what judges do, and how they reach such momentous decisions. 

The Missing Link: Where Are Medium-Size Black Holes?

June 23, 2017
Much remains uncertain about how black holes reach supermassive girth and influence the universe around them.