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IAS News

IAS Statement on Revised Executive Order

March 07, 2017
As an institution, we oppose the revised travel ban on the principles of justice and non-discrimination and stand in unison for the advancement of knowledge without borders and prejudice.

In the Media

Podcast: More Useless Research and Crazy Ideas, Please

July 21, 2017
 On the value of imagination, curiosity-driven research, and the pursuit of useless knowledge

Women in French Politics: Rank and File More Often Than Leaders

By Anne-Claire Defossez

Women legally take part in the political game, but they are still considered illegitimate by their male colleagues, whose power position they challenge. This illegitimacy of women in politics has deep historical roots.


Dynamics on the Moduli Spaces of Curves

By Maryam Mirzakhani

The Institute is deeply saddened by the passing of Fields Medalist Maryam Mirzakhani, former Member in the School of Mathematics (2015), seen here giving the first of three 2012 Marston Morse Lectures.