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A Community of Scholars

For more than eighty years, scholars at the Institute for Advanced Study have sought to understand the complexities of the physical world and of humanity, prompting advances in science and society. Access a listing of the Institute’s community of scholars from our founding to today and learn more about some noted figures in IAS history.

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IAS Letter Articles

Islamic Law and Private International Law: The Case of International Child Abduction—Anver M. Emon

In the 1991 film Not Without My Daughter, Sally Field plays an American woman who must dupe her increasingly abusive, Iranian-born husband and hire a smuggler to help her and her daughter escape to Turkey. In the backdrop is an Iranian legal system premised on national laws of citizenship and Islamic legal doctrines on child custody and guard­ianship.


Video Lectures

Tales from the Data Trenches of Display Advertising

As Chief Scientist at Dstillery, Claudia Perlich works to collect about 10 billion user events daily, representing the digital and geophysical journeys of millions of people on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. In this lecture, Perlich explores a number of challenges, including privacy-preserving representations, robust high-dimensional modeling, and large-scale automated learning systems to name a few.