A New Era of Gravitational-Wave Astronomy

The first detection of gravitational waves brought with it spacetime ripples, black-hole collisions, and surprising systems.


The Astrophysics Behind LIGO’s Detection

By Doron Kushnir

Long before they reached the required sensitivity to detect a merger of two neutron stars, the LIGO detectors observed a gravitational-wave signal from a black hole–black hole merger about one billion light years away. 


The Shiite Interpretation of the Status of Women

By Hassan Farhang Ansari

The movement of religious modernism focuses in particular on the issue of women with regard to the necessary changes in the legal system. The subject of women has thus become an issue that must be revealed in the sources of Islamic thought and tradition in order to come to a modern interpretation that is in line with human rights.

IAS News

January 14, 2017
Sharon Gerstel, Member (2010-11) in the School of Historical Studies, was cited for Rural Lives and Landscapes in Late Byzantium (Cambridge University Press, 2015), which was written at IAS. 


What Can We Do with a Quantum Computer?

By Andris Ambainis

In natural sciences, Nature has given us the world, and we just discovered its laws. In computers, we can stuff the laws into it and create the world.