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IAS Statement on Revised Executive Order

March 07, 2017
As an institution, we oppose the revised travel ban on the principles of justice and non-discrimination and stand in unison for the advancement of knowledge without borders and prejudice.


IAS's Founding Ethos in Our Precarious Present

By History Working Group

The Institute for Advanced Study came into being at the most inauspicious of times.  Founded in the early years of the Great Depression, it took shape during the buildup to the Second World War and under the growing shadow of authoritarian regimes. 

Trump’s Budget Would Break American Science, Today and Tomorrow

March 16, 2017
IAS Director Robbert Dijkgraaf on how Trump's budget willfully ignores the most fundamental aspect of human civilization: that we move forward, that we create things that weren’t there before.

Press Release

Janine Purcaro Appointed IAS Chief Operating Officer

April 21, 2017
Janine Purcaro, who was most recently Chief Financial Officer for the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics at Rutgers University, will join the Institute in May.


Nima Arkani-Hamed on Discovery

All you have to do is get somewhere in the neighborhood of the truth. You don’t have to get particularly close to it, you just have to know that it’s there and then you have to not fight it and just let it drag you in toward itself.