The Work of Robert Langlands

View a complete collection of Robert Langlands’s papers, as well as some of his lectures and correspondence, on topics ranging from functoriality, representation theory, and Shimura varieties to endoscopy, percolation, and geometric theory. 
In the Media

Russian spies held a morbid fascination in the minds of Americans dating back to the Red Scare in 1919, following the Bolshevik Revolution and the creation of the Communist International. Global domination was indeed Moscow’s declared aim; Jonathan Haslam, George F. Kennan Professor in the School of Historical Studies, discusses whether this goal was at all practicable.

Robert Langlands: Far-Reaching Mathematics

Robert Langlands grew up in a small town in British Columbia where his father owned a building supply store. “When I was a child I liked to add and subtract,” says Langlands. “In our store, my mother worked. And I remember competing with her. We would tally lumber; she would do it on the adding machine and I would do it in my head.”

Harlan Robins on Systems Biology at IAS

I didn’t know any biology when I got here, so I would say my entire career as a biologist developed here. The first two years, I put a considerable effort into developing a background in biology.

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