The Most Famous Paradox in Physics Nears Its End

"Information, they now say with confidence, does escape a black hole." George Musser, former Director's Visitor, reports on the breakthrough papers that have come close to resolving the black hole information paradox, first described by Stephen Hawking five decades ago.

Covid-19 Updates

Update: Governor Murphy announced a further reduction in indoor gatherings to a limit of 10 people, effective November 17. 

We are asking our campus community to be mindful of this new restriction and to limit indoor gatherings to 10 people or less, regardless of the number of seats in a room, and remember to wear face coverings and stay six feet apart.

Campus Reopening
The Institute campus has partially reopened, and Faculty, Members, and a limited number of essential staff may request access to work in their offices. Individuals requesting access to campus must complete the Health Screening Form each morningbefore coming to campus and must be approved by the IAS Covid-19 Response Team. 

We have created a series of Return-to-Campus guides that features more in-depth information than shown on the website and should be consulted before coming to campus.

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Q&A with Karina Urbach

This summer it became known that the Hohenzollern family, Germany’s former royal house, has been in secret negotiations with the German government, claiming restitution payments and the return of paintings and historical objects. Karina Urbach explains how her research is connected to the current debate.

IAS Notes: Karen Uhlenbeck

"The year at IAS allowed me to take part in this development and to form the collaborations that were essential to the next decade of my career. This has been an exciting area of mathematics; the privilege I have had of working in it is partly due to this year at IAS."