Joan Scott Delivers Keynote Address at Conference on Academic Freedom

June 21, 2017
The Central European University's day-long conference seeks to clarify our understanding of what academic freedom is, why it is under attack, from without and from within, and what needs to be done to reform and revive an ideal which is central to democratic freedom itself. The conference, including Scott's keynote address, is being livestreamed from Budapest.

IAS News

IAS Statement on Revised Executive Order

March 07, 2017
As an institution, we oppose the revised travel ban on the principles of justice and non-discrimination and stand in unison for the advancement of knowledge without borders and prejudice.

Joan W. Scott’s Critical History of Inequality

By Clyde Plumauzille

Now that “gender theory” has fallen under attack in France, denounced by its critics as an ideology that destroys the natural order and upsets the political and social balance, it seems fitting, if not crucial, that we take a look back on the ever-changing thoughts of a historian who has contributed greatly to the introduction of the concept of gender within the field of historiography. 

Of Historical Note: Richard Feynman

By Freeman J. Dyson

In the next letter a great woman appears, whose name was then Cécile Morette and is now Cécile DeWitt. . . . She was the first of the younger generation to grasp the full scope and power of the Feynman path integral approach to physics.