Scholar Spotlight: Jeffrey Fung

Meet the newest Members at the Institute for Advanced Study and discover their unique passion for curiosity-driven research in the Scholar Spotlight video series. 

In this episode Jeffrey Fung, Member in the School of Natural Sciences, details his research simulating planet formations and the close link between astronomy and scientific curiosity.

Covid-19 Updates

As of September 8, the Institute campus has partially reopened, and Faculty, Members, and a limited number of essential staff may request access to work in their offices. The Health Screening Form must be completed each morning before coming to campus and approved by the IAS Covid-19 Response Team. 

* At this time, the Institute's academic campus is accessible only to the IAS community, and is not open to nonessential visitors, members of the public, or family members, including children. 

We have created a series of Return-to-Campus guides that contain more information and should be consulted before coming to campus. 

Travelers and residents entering New Jersey from any U.S. state or territory beyond the immediate region (New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) should self-quarantine for 10 days. Individuals who test negative on a viral test for Covid-19 must self-quarantine for 7 full days. For the most up-to-date information, view New Jersey Covid FAQs

Additionally, individuals who leave the state of New Jersey for more than 24 hours must complete the IAS Travel Questionnaire upon their return. 

The State of New Jersey’s mandate requires everyone to wear a face covering indoors, including common spaces, hallways, and libraries—even if you are the only person in the space. If you are working in a private office and another person enters, please put your face covering on and stay at least six feet apart. Outdoors, face coverings also should be worn if social distancing isn't possible.

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Spotlight 2020–21

Get to know IAS through the Spotlight, an introduction to life at the Institute highlighting the scholars, programs, and facilities that make our mission of advancing knowledge possible.

IAS Scholars Win Early-Career Sloan Fellowships

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2021 Sloan Research Fellowships, awarded to "the most promising scientific researchers working today." Among the recipients are 13 current and former Members of the Institute for Advanced Study.

Mario Draghi Sworn In As Italy's Prime Minister

NPR reports IAS Trustee Mario Draghi, "who is credited with saving the euro, … will be tasked with guiding the country through the twin crises of the coronavirus and a crumbling economy. Draghi, who formerly served as the head of the European Central Bank, took the oath of office with support from across the political spectrum with all but one of Italy's major parties backing him."

Race After Technology

Like everyone who lives in a heavily policed neighborhood, I grew up with a keen sense of being watched. Family, friends, and neighbors—all of us caught up in a carceral web, in which other people’s safety and freedom are predicated on our containment.