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IAS Statement on Revised Executive Order

March 07, 2017
As an institution, we oppose the revised travel ban on the principles of justice and non-discrimination and stand in unison for the advancement of knowledge without borders and prejudice.

In the Media

The Physicist Who Denies Dark Matter

May 18, 2017
“In 1980,” states Moti Milgrom, Member (1980–81) and Visitor (1985–86) in the School of Natural Sciences, in Nautilus, “I went on my sabbatical to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton with the following hunch: If the rotational speeds are constant, then perhaps we’re looking at a new law of nature.”

In the Media

A Better Way to Choose Presidents

May 23, 2017
Past Professor Eric Maskin and former Trustee Amartya Sen return to their recent essay “The Rules of the Game: A New Electoral System” to comment on the French presidential election.

The Odd Couple: Quasars and Black Holes

By Scott Tremaine

Laboratory study of a macroscopic black hole is impossible with current or foreseeable technology, so the only way to test these predictions of Einstein’s theory is to find black holes in the heavens. Not surprisingly, isolated black holes are difficult to see. Not only are they black, they are also very small: a black hole with the mass of the Sun is only a few kilometers in diameter.