In the Media

August 14, 2020

View a public lecture by James Peebles, 2019 Noble Laureate and a former Member in the School of Natural Sciences, held virtually on August 10.

August 14, 2020

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, Yuan-Sen Ting, Member in the School of Natural Sciences, charts his growth from curious neophyte to pathbreaking astronomer.

IAS News

Updated August 13, 2020

Under executive order, masks are required in all indoor spaces in New Jersey and must be worn outdoors while in groups. Please wear face coverings in indoor areas on campus, including the activities center and laundry facility.

Playground Opening
The playground in Member housing is open. To comply with CDC protocols, please keep 6 feet distance between you and other families; face coverings are strongly recommended. The playground is open to Institute families only; please have your ID handy if needed. Please adhere to these requests so that everyone can enjoy some time on the playground.

The Institute’s Plans for Reopening
The Institute is currently closed. The State of New Jersey announced a three-staged approach to reopening businesses and offices. The reopening of IAS falls under Stage 3; the date for beginning Stage 3 has not yet been defined.

As of June 2, the United States is at Warning Level 3, which recommends avoiding nonessential travel, both domestically and internationally. Please see our process regarding travel and your return to campus.

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Jewish-Muslim Intellectual History Entangled, edited by Institute Professor Sabine Schmidtke and colleaguesunearths the fragmentary remains of the Karaite library of Cairo. 

In the Media

August 10, 2020

In this video produced by the Simons Foundation, Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study and Leon Levy Professor, discusses how artistic talent and synesthesia informed his approach to physics research and why progress depends on bridging the communications gap with non-scientists.

In the Media

August 01, 2020

Click here to view the talk "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of String Theory in Mathematics" given by Robbert Dijkgraaf at the String Math 2020 conference on July 30. Held annually, String Math brings together string theorists and mathematicians for collaboration. View the entire conference here.

In the Media

August 07, 2020

A Scientific American opinion piece by Ed Cohen, Member in the School of Social Science, examines the pandemic in the context of how history has shaped contemporary perspectives on treating disease.



By Angelos Chaniotis

“Ambiguous loss” describes someone’s pain when a person close to them is both present and absent.

Critical thinking is precisely not a program of neutrality, not tolerance of all opinion, not an endorsement of the idea that anything goes. It is about how one brings knowledge to bear on criticism; it is a procedure, a method that shapes and disciplines thought.