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A Community of Scholars

For more than eighty years, scholars at the Institute for Advanced Study have sought to understand the complexities of the physical world and of humanity, prompting advances in science and society. Access a listing of the Institute’s community of scholars from our founding to today and learn more about some noted figures in IAS history.

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IAS Letter Articles

What do the motion of the planets in our solar system, the energy levels of the hydrogen atom, and the interactions between subatomic particles have in common? Surprisingly, they are all governed by the same hidden symmetry principles. This is what Simon Caron-Huot and I found in recent work done as Members at the Institute.


Video Lectures

For their #quartweet project, Signum Quartet invited composers from around the world at all levels of accomplishment to write musical tweets—concentrated compositions that have 140 notes or less. They performed a selection of these compositions for the Artists Present series at the Institute.