Campus Housing - Apartment Descriptions

The Institute's apartments range from studios that include full kitchens and baths designed for one person, one-bedroom units for single occupancy or couples, to two- and three-bedroom units for couples, or families. Apartments have central heat and air-conditioning, central vacuum systems, full kitchens (microwave, refrigerator, gas stove/oven or cooktop/convection microwave-studio), and full baths (bathtub and shower). Washers and dryers are not permitted in the apartments. Apartments are either on the ground floor (first floor) or upstairs (second floor). All one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments include dishwashers and have separate rooms designed as studies.

All apartments are furnished and supplied with items based on apartment size Inventory includes.

Parking spaces are adjacent to each building. All rental rates are subsidized and include linens, heat, electricity, gas, water, and air conditioning. Rates quoted are for academic year 2022-2023 and are effective August 1, 2022.

  • Studio Unit (one room with kitchen/living area, bathroom) $1,085

  • Beds in all studio apartments have a full-size Murphy bed. The Murphy bed can be swung into its closet when not in use in order to provide more flexibility with living space. Studio units are uniform in layout and all have fireplaces. Ground floor units have patios, and upstairs units have balconies. Studios have galley-style kitchens with a cooktop and convection microwave oven, and bathrooms include both bathtubs and showers.

  • One-Bedroom Unit (living room, study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, optional dining room) $1,445/$1,560

  • Type 1A has a combination kitchen/dining room.; Type 1B is larger and has a separate dining room. Ground floor units have patios and upstairs units have porches.; A number of one-bedroom apartments have fireplaces, and all have a queen size bed.

  • Two-Bedroom Unit (living room, study, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, optional dining room) $1,675/$1,740

  • Type 2A has a combination kitchen/dining room. Type 2B is larger and has a separate dining room. Ground floor units have patios and upstairs units have porches. A number of two-bedroom apartments have fireplaces, and all have one queen size bed, and two twin beds.

  • Three-Bedroom Unit (living room, study, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, 2 bathrooms) $1,875/$2,085

  • Two types of three-bedroom units are available. Type 3A is a three-bedroom apartment contained on one floor, either ground floor or upstairs. Type 3B is a townhouse that is L shaped with two floors. Three-bedroom units have separate dining rooms, and most of have fireplaces. Type 3A includes one full bathroom and one powder room (w/c). Type 3B has two full bathrooms. All three bedroom units have one queen size bed and three twin beds.