Campus Housing - Garbage Collection and Recycling

Recycling is mandatory in New Jersey. It is requested that all Housing Complex residents follow these steps in order to maintain compliance. Please contact Andy Compton ( ext. 8230 with any questions.

  • Garbage should be placed inside the gray trash cans. Some buildings have tan/green bins with the trash cans inside, others just have the trash cans outside the building. Garbage will be collected on a regular basis.

  • Metal, glass, plastic and paper items are to be placed in the recycling receptacles which are blue or gray and labeled for recycling. They will be collected as needed.

  • Unwanted cardboard boxes (flattened) may also be placed in this area for pick up.

Cooking grease, oils, coffee grounds and food waste should not be poured down the sink since doing so can cause major plumbing problems for all apartments in the building. These items should be collected in separate containers and placed with the other garbage in the trash bins. We also ask that paper towels and personal hygiene products not be flushed for the same reasons. They should be wrapped and placed with the garbage. Thicker brands of bathroom tissue and flushable wipes can also cause plumbing problems. It is recommended to purchase thinner brands to avoid clogs to the plumbing system and not use the flushable wipes.