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Pets - Institute Policies & Local Laws

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While the Institute does not prohibit members from bringing a pet, there is a limit of two "friendly" pets per apartment. We allow domestic pets only, no exotic pets, and we do not allow new pets to be acquired while in residence. Pets, including emotional support animals, are limited to the members'/visitors' apartment, and not allowed in any academic, administrative, or common buildings on campus. 

A $100 fee is charged per pet, per term, and will be billed to your Institute account. A $125 fee will be charged for any unregistered pet discovered after one week of occupancy. All apartments with a pet must use Institute-provided slipcovers on all furniture. All dogs must be housebroken (trained to eliminate outside) and are only allowed in first-floor units. Any damage or need for additional cleaning caused by a pet will be billed to the resident. Please note that if you are taking care of a pet for someone else in your apartment, the same fees and regulations will apply. 

Princeton's Animal Control Officer regularly patrols the Institute's campus, woods, and surrounding area. To avoid penalties, all dog owners are required to adhere to Princeton's laws:

By law, all dogs must be accompanied by and under the control of a responsible person, and the dog must be on a leash not to exceed 8 feet in length, 24 hours a day. Dogs in parks shall be restrained by a leash not to exceed 16 feet. Owners are also required by law to remove all feces deposited by such dog on public or private property and must dispose of same in a sanitary manner.

New Jersey State law mandates that all dogs six months of age or older be licensed. When applying for your dog's license, a valid rabies certificate must be presented; and by presenting a spaying/neutering certificate from your veterinarian you will be exempt from the $3.00 state surcharge for an unsterilized dog. The license fees are $20.00 and $23.00.; Dog licenses are also obtainable by mail by contacting the Princeton Clerk's Office, 400 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ 08540.