Friends of the Institute

Friends of the Institute for Advanced Study are partners in the advancement of the highest level research and scholarship and, as such, are encouraged to participate in the intellectual and cultural life of IAS. Through generous annual donations and other giving opportunities, Friends participate in an exchange of immense value, providing the Institute with significant unrestricted operating support each year. Such support is vital to the Institute’s ability to remain competitive in attracting the best scholars and scientists from around the world and to ensuring its continued role as a global beacon for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry.

Yuki Laurenti

"The Institute for Advanced Study has enriched the Princeton community for close to a century now providing a world-famous home for some of the most brilliant thinkers around: think Albert Einstein and George F. Kennan. The Friends celebrate and partake of this intellectual energy through lectures, discussions, film series, concerts, and a Dining Hall filled with fertile minds. The Friends connect with the Institute, each reinforcing the other." 

Yuki Moore Laurenti
Chair, Friends of IAS

Friends enjoy access to a rich and diverse program of events including exclusive talks by current Members, lectures by Faculty and other distinguished speakers, concerts, and author conversations.

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Who We Are

Since 1980, the generosity of Friends has supported the work of generations of IAS scholars, encouraged outreach, and enhanced the academic and cultural life of the Institute for Advanced Study. The Friends group is managed by members of the...

Friends of the Institute - Impact

Since 1980, the Friends have provided support for generations of Institute scholars, encouraged outreach, and contributed to the academic, cultural, and community life of IAS. The ongoing generosity of Friends makes a significant difference in...

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