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For Albert Einstein's 70th birthday, many of his Institute colleagues pitched in to purchase the music-loving physicist a high-fidelity radio.

WYNC tells the story of that radio's installation and use, and how Einstein became a lifetime station...

Wendy L. Brown has joined IAS as the UPS Foundation Professor in the School of Social Science. Brown’s foundational insights into neoliberalism, authoritarianism, feminism, sovereignty, progress, and tolerance, among other signature concepts, have revolutionized understandings of democracy and the modern powers that challenge it.

"The Rockmore theorem made its first—and perhaps only—named appearance in print in 1977, in the journal Physics Letters, Volume 72B, No. 4. A photocopy of the journal page hung on my father’s office door, at Rutgers University, in New Jersey. The...

The Strings 2021 conference, convening international experts and researchers to discuss string theory, takes place June 21–July 2, 2021, in São Paulo, Brazil. The annual international Strings conferences, which have been held every year since 1995...

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