The IAS pond in autumn with the grass in front of the water and the foliage behind it.

School of Social Science

Founded in 1973, the mission of the School of Social Science is devoted to critical approaches to social research, both theoretical and empirical, and featuring multidisciplinary, multi-method and international perspectives. Each year the School invites approximately twenty scholars working on a variety of topics to pursue their individual research within a rich context of  intellectual discussion and exchange. Scholars are drawn from across the fields of social science and occasionally from the humanities as well. 

There is an all-School weekly seminar for presentation of work-in-progress along with several informal venues for sharing work and ideas. The School also hosts a theme seminar for which approximately half of the Members are selected during the application process. The other half work on topics outside the theme and do not participate in the theme seminar. 

The theme for 2023-24 is "PLATFORM." For 2024-25 the theme is "The Politics of Migration and Displacement as a Form of Life."  An archive of past themes is available.

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