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Telephone Service - Apartments

International Dialing Codes

The Institute for Advanced Study owns and operates a campus-wide Northern Telecom Meridian telephone system that provides service to all academic and administrative buildings, and to apartments in the Housing Complex. Complete information about programming telephones, rates, and additional service options can be found on the Institute's Telecommunications web page.

Apartment Telephone Service: Every apartment is supplied with a telephone that has an Institute telephone number. You can make internal campus calls, emergency calls (9-911) and credit and calling card calls from this phone. This phone number will be published in the Institute directory, as well as on various web pages. If you are a member or visitor to the Institute, you may choose a service level for this telephone as your primary phone line. A telephone's ability to dial other numbers is set by its service level; however, you will be able to receive all telephone calls no matter which level you choose. Voice mail is only available with full service.

Your apartment telephone was programmed for the level of service you requested by completion of your Telephone Authorization form prior to your arrival. Applicable charges will be billed to your Institute account. Requests for changes of service may be made via e-mail to the housing office (

The following three services are available for apartment telephones:

  • Full Service: Allows an unlimited calling area and includes voice mail. $16.79 monthly service charge, plus applicable toll charges.
  • Local Service: Includes on-campus dialing plus the ability to call external numbers in exchanges defined as local to the Princeton calling area by Verizon (formerly known as Bell Atlantic). Local service also allows for toll-free long distance and credit card calls. Voice mail is not included with local service. $16.79 monthly service charge.
  • Internal Service: Allows on-campus dialing only, (9) 9-1-1 emergency calls, toll-free long distance and credit card calls. Voice mail is not included with internal service. If you did not select a telephone plan for your apartment, this is the default level of service. There is no charge for internal service.

The long distance carrier for the Institute's housing telephone system is Primus. For a variety of technical reasons and limitations, the system is constrained to Primus and it is not possible to change the default carrier or long distance plan. You may use another carrier by dialing the toll-free access number for that carrier and then using a credit, debit, or calling card to pay for the call. Questions about the system, rates, and billing may be addressed to Camille Merger ( ext. 8236, or by consulting the Institute's Telecommunications page.

The apartment phone jack will support fax and modem devices. You may purchase a splitter at any computer or telephone store to enable you to plug in both your telephone and fax or modem at the same time. You will only be able to use one device at a time, however. For example, if you are using your modem, you will not receive incoming voice calls. If you need to use two devices simultaneously, apartments are wired to allow the second jack to be turned on for a second device for an additional charge. Arrangements can be made via e-mail to telephone (

How to Place a Call

  • Press 9-1, the three-digit area code, then the seven-digit number for all calls.
  • For international calls, press 9 for an outside line, then 0-1-1, country code, city code, and number.
  • To call other offices and apartments on campus, simply dial the last four digits of the seven digit number.

Institute telephone directories are published in September and January of each academic year. All changes, additions, and deletions should be sent to Human Resources (, 101/102 Fuld Hall.

Voice Mail

A flashing red light on your telephone means you have voice mail messages.

  • Press 8-0-1-0 to access voice mail. Listen for instructions.
  • At prompt requesting mailbox, enter your extension (last four digits of your telephone number) then press #.
  • At the next prompt requesting password, again enter your extension (the default password) then press #.
  • To play the message, press 2. To delete the message, press 7-6. To go to the next message, press 6.
  • To access your messages from another location, call (609) 734-8010, then follow the above directions.

To Record Your External & Internal Greetings

Callers from outside the Institute hear your external greeting. Callers from inside the Institute hear your internal greeting.

  • Press 8-0-1-0 to access voice mail. Log on by following the above directions. Press 8-2 to record greetings.
  • Press 1 for external greeting or press 2 for internal greeting (press 3 for temporary greeting).
  • Press 5 to record, wait for tone, then record.
  • Press # to end recording. Press 4 to exit.

Reporting Telephone Problems

To report a problem with your telephone or to request a change of service, use any of the following methods:

  • Via e-mail, address message to
  • Via telephone, dial ext. 8009.
  • Via interoffice mail - address interoffice envelope to Receptionist.

Please provide your name, where you can be reached, the phone number and location of the faulty equipment, and the description of the problem you are experiencing with your phone. After hours, during weekends, and on holidays, you may continue to use any of these methods or notify Security at ext. 8241. If your phone is not functioning and you are unable to call to report the problem, please notify the receptionist or public safety officer at the Reception Desk in Fuld Hall. Most trouble reports are addressed by the end of the next business day.