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Mar 29

Homological Mirror Symmetry (minicourse)

Homological mirror symmetry for the pair of pants
Homological mirror symmetry postulates a derived equivalence between the wrapped Fukaya category of an exact symplectic manifold and a category of coherent sheaves or matrix fa
Mar 29

Princeton University Star Formation/ISM Rendezvous (SFIR) - Speaker 1

Grand Design Spiral Arms in A Young Forming Circumstellar Disk
We study formation and long-term evolution of a circumstellar disk using a resistive MHD simulation.
Mar 29

Princeton University Star Formation/ISM Rendezvous (SFIR) - Speaker 2

Gas Vortexes by the Rossby Wave Instability in Protoplanetary Disks
Recent observations have revealed protoplanetary disks with lopsided structures.
Mar 29

Law & the Social Sciences Seminar

1:00pm | White-Levy
The interface between law and social inquiry has long been a domain of analysis explored by legal scholars and social scientists.
Mar 29

Analysis Math-Physics Seminar

Applications of twisted technology
Recently we proved with Durcik, Kovac, Skreb variational estimates providing sharp quantitative norm convergence results for bilinear ergodic averages with respect to two commu
Mar 29

Physics Group Meeting

Algebraic EE and Holography
 In the first part of the talk, I’ll explore whether EE’s of subalgebras not organized by position space in a holographic CFT may be useful for bulk reconstruction.
Mar 29

University of Pennsylvania Astrophysics Group Seminar

Large-Scale Structure Tests of Galaxy Formation and Modified Gravity
SPEAKER ADDED - I will present novel tests of galaxy formation theories and the nature of gravity, using large-scale structure measurements from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (S
Mar 29

Fitness Center Training

3:30pm | Fitness Center
Mar 29

Analysis Math-Physics Seminar

On structure results for intertwining operators
The intertwining wave operators are basic objects in the scattering theory of a Hamiltonian given as the sum of a Laplacian with a potential.
Mar 29

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) Colloquium

The Long and the Short of Collisions in Strong Magnetic Fields
For plasmas in a strong magnetic field, like-particle collisions approximately-conserve a cyclotron adiabatic invariant that limits the sharing of energy between cyclotron moti