American Philosophical Society Announces Election of Six IAS Scholars for 2020

The American Philosophical Society (APS) has announced its new members for 2020, including six IAS scholars. Alondra Nelson, Harold F. Linder Chair of the School of Social Science; Ewine Fleur van Dishoeck, IAS Trustee and Visitor (1984–88); and former IAS scholars Angela N. H. Creager (1996–97, 2002–03), Maribel Fierro, (1994–95, 2015), M. Catherine Gallagher (2001–02), and James Campbell Scott (1986–87) are among those offered membership to the Society this year.

The APS is an elected body of scholars from all different disciplines. Today the Society has approximately 1,000 elected Members. The American Philosophical Society is the nation's oldest learned society, founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin for the purpose of “promoting useful knowledge.” Early APS members included George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Marshall.

Current Faculty and Emeriti elected to APS include, Giles Constable (1987), Peter Paret (1988), Glen Bowersock (1989), Michael Walzer (1990), Phillip A. Griffiths (1992), Edward Witten (1993), Caroline Walker Bynum (1995), Heinrich von Staden (1997), Robert MacPherson (1999), Arnold J. Levine (2000), Robert P. Langlands (2004), Peter Sarnak (2008), Pierre Deligne (2009), Robbert Dijkgraaf (2013), Yve-Alain Bois (2016), Sabine Schmidtke (2017), and Alondra Nelson (2020).

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