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Michael Walzer

School of Social Science
Social Science

One of America’s foremost political thinkers, Michael Walzer has written about a wide variety of topics in political theory and moral philosophy, including political obligation, just and unjust war, nationalism and ethnicity, economic justice, and the welfare state. He has played a critical role in the revival of a practical, issue-focused ethics and in the development of a pluralist approach to political and moral life. Walzer’s books include Just and Unjust Wars (1977), Spheres of Justice (1983), On Toleration (1997), Arguing About War (2004), and The Paradox of Liberation (2015); he served as co-editor of the political journal Dissent for more than three decades, retiring in 2014. Currently, he is working on issues having to do with international justice and the connection of religion and politics, and also on a collaborative project focused on the history of Jewish political thought.

Dates at IAS
  • Social Science
  • Social Science
Harvard University Ph.D., 1961
Brandeis University B.A., 1956
Appointments: Brandeis University, Board of Trustees 1983–88; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Board of Governors 1974–
Awards: Spinozalens Award 2008; University of Cambridge, Fulbright Fellowship 1956
Editorships: The New Republic, Contributing Editor 1977–2010; Dissent, Editor 1976–2014
Membership: British Academy, Corresponding Fellow
Harvard University 1966–1980 Professor
Princeton University 1962–1966 Assistant Professor