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Robert P. Langlands

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Number Theory
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Robert Langlands’s profound insights in number theory and representation theory include the formulation of general principles relating automorphic forms and algebraic number theory; the introduction of a general class of L-functions; the construction of a general theory of Eisenstein series; the introduction of techniques for dealing with particular cases of the Artin conjecture (which proved to be of use in the proof of Fermat’s theorem); the introduction of endoscopy; and the development of techniques for relating the zeta functions of Shimura varieties to automorphic L-functions. Mathematicians have been working on his conjectures, the Langlands Program, for the last three decades. He spent a good deal of time in the late eighties and nineties and with some success studying lattice models of statistical physics and the attendant conformal invariance. In recent years, he has been preoccupied by the geometric theory of automorphic forms. He has only now reached the stage at which he can contemplate publication.

Abel Prize, 2018
Wolf Prize, 1995

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Dates at IAS
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Yale University Ph.D., 1960
The University of British Columbia M.A., 1958
The University of British Columbia A.B., 1957
Abel Prize 2018
Wolf Prize 1995
American Mathematical Society, Fellow
Canadian Mathematical Society, Member
Companion of the Order of Canada
London Mathematical Society, Honorary Member
National Academy of Sciences, Member
Royal Society of Canada, Member
Royal Society of London, Fellow
Russian Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member
Science Academy Society (Turkey), Foreign Honorary Member
Yale University 1967–1972 Professor
Princeton University 1960–1967 Assistant Professor–Associate Professor 1962–67, Lecturer 1961–62, Instructor 1960–61