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Edward Witten

School of Natural Sciences
Mathematical Physics
Natural Sciences
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Mathematical Physics

Edward Witten’s work exhibits a unique combination of mathematical power and physics insight, and his contributions have significantly enriched both fields. He has greatly contributed to the modern interest in superstrings as a candidate theory for the unification of all known physical interactions. Most recently, he has explored quantum duality symmetries of field theories and string theories, opening significant new perspectives on particle physics, string theory, and topology.

Fields Medalist, 1990

Dates at IAS
  • Natural Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
1/19846/1984 Spring
Princeton University Ph.D., 1976
Princeton University M.A., 1974
Brandeis University B.A., 1971
Awards: American Physical Society, Medal for Exceptional Achievement in Research 2016; World Cultural Council, Albert Einstein World Award of Science 2016; Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences 2014; Fundamental Physics Prize 2012; Institute of Physics, Isaac Newton Medal 2010; Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Lorentz Medal 2010; Crafoord Prize in Mathematics 2008; Henri Poincaré Prize 2006; National Medal of Science 2003; American Institute of Physics and American Physical Society, Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics 1998; Fields Medal 1990; National Science Foundation, Alan T. Waterman Award 1986; Einstein Society of Berne, Einstein Medal 1985; International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Dirac Prize and Medal 1985; MacArthur Fellowship 1982
Memberships: Académie des Sciences, Institut de France; American Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Mathematical Society; American Philosophical Society; American Physical Society; National Academy of Sciences; Royal Society of London
Princeton University 1980–1987 Professor
Harvard Society of Fellows 1977–1980 Junior Fellow
Harvard University 1976–1977 Postdoctoral Fellow