Professor Emeritus

Phillip A. Griffiths

School of Mathematics
Field of Study
Algebraic and Differential Geometry; Science in Developing Countries

Phillip Griffiths initiated with his collaborators the theory of variation of Hodge structure, which has come to play a central role in many aspects of algebraic geometry and its uses in modern theoretical physics. In addition to algebraic geometry, he has made contributions to differential and integral geometry, geometric function theory, and the geometry of partial differential equations. A former Director of the Institute (1991–2003), Griffiths chairs the Science Initiative Group, which fosters science in the developing world through programs such as the Carnegie–IAS African Regional Initiative in Science and Education.

Dates at IAS

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Princeton University Ph.D., 1962
Wake Forest University B.S., 1959
Appointments: International Mathematical Union, Secretary 1999–2006
Awards: American Mathematical Society, Leroy P. Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement 2014; International Mathematical Union, Chern Medal 2014; Royal Dutch Mathematical Society, Brouwer Prize 2008; Wolf Foundation Prize in Mathematics 2008; Ordem Nacional do Mérito Cientifico, Brazil, 2002; Academy of Sciences at Göttingen, Dannie Heineman Prize 1979; American Mathematical Society, Leroy P. Steele Prize 1971
Memberships: Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei; American Mathematical Society; Indian Academy of Sciences; National Academy of Sciences; TWAS, The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World
Duke University 1983–1991 Provost and James B. Duke Professor of Mathematics
Harvard University 1972–1983 Dwight Parker Robinson Professor of Mathematics 1983; Professor 1972–83