Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, one of the Institute’s first Professors, serving from 1933 until his death in 1955, played a significant part in the Institute's early development. While at IAS, Einstein pursued the goal of a unified field theory, at a time when the idea had been set aside by the majority of working physicists. In recent years, this has again become a central goal of physicists, and string theory has become the favored candidate for a unified understanding of the basic laws of the physical universe.

If two such great thinkers as Bohr and Einstein, who had such a high regard for each other, could be brought together for a prolonged period, would not something emerge of great value to all of us? This thought and this hope animated the guiding spirits of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study to invite Niels Bohr to come as a guest of the Institute for the entire spring semester of 1939.