Avi Wigderson Is 60: A Celebration of Mathematics and Computer Science

In 2016, Avi Wigderson, Herbert H. Maass Professor in the School of Mathematics, celebrates his sixtieth birthday. The Institute for Advanced Study hosted a conference in honor of this occasion from October 5 through October 8, 2016, with scholars from around the world convening to celebrate his work, impact, and collaborations.

Introduction by Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor

Transitions and Phase Transitions by Nati Linial

Population Recovery in Polynomial Time by Michael Saks

The Colorful Connected Subgraph Problem by Richard Karp

Propositional Proof Complexity: Fifteen (or so) Years After by Alexander Razborov

New Pseudo-deterministic Algorithms by Shafi Goldwasser

Avi's Permanent Impact on Me by Scott Aaronson

Avi, Graphs, and Communication by Noga Alon

What is generic? by László Lovász

Pseudorandomness When the Odds are Against You by Ronen Shaltiel

Canonical Depth-three Boolean Circuits for Multi-linear Functions, Multi-linear Circuits with General Gates, and Matrix Rigidity by Oded Goldreich

High Dimensional Expanders by Alex Lubotzky

Happy Days by Gil Kalai with Einat Wigderson

Complexity of Pricing by Noam Nisan

On Low-Degree Polynomials by Madhu Sudan

Brains are Better Computers than Computers by Eyal Wigderson

Algorand, The Public Ledger by Silvio Micali

Quantum Physics and the Computational Lens by Dorit Aharonov