Herbert H. Maass Professor

Avi Wigderson

School of Mathematics
Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics

Avi Wigderson is a widely recognized authority in the diverse and evolving field of theoretical computer science. His main research area is computational complexity theory. This field studies the power and limits of efficient computation and is motivated by such fundamental scientific problems as: Does P = NP? (Can mathematical creativity be efficiently automated?) Can every efficient process be efficiently reversed? (Is electronic commerce secure?) Can randomness enhance efficient computation? Can quantum mechanics enhance efficient computation? How do we learn, and can machines be taught to learn like us (or better)? 

Dates at IAS
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  • Mathematics
9/199810/1998 Fall
  • Mathematics
9/199712/1997 Fall
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Princeton University Ph.D., 1983
Princeton University M.A., 1982
Princeton University M.S.E., 1981
Awards: Donald E. Knuth Prize 2019; Gödel Prize 2009; American Mathematical Society, Levi L. Conant Prize 2008; Rolf Nevanlinna Prize 1994; Yoram Ben-Porat Presidential Prize for Outstanding Researcher 1994; Bergman Fellowship 1989
Memberships: American Academy of Arts and Sciences; National Academy of Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1986–2003 Professor, Computer Science Institute 1991–2003, Chairman, Computer Science Institute 1993–95, Associate Professor 1987–92, Senior Lecturer 1986–87
Princeton University 1990–1996 Visiting Professor 1995–1996, Visiting Associate Professor 1990–1992
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley 1985–1986 Fellow
IBM Research, San Jose 1984–1985 Visiting Scientist
University of California, Berkeley 1983–1984 Visiting Assistant Professor