Current Visiting Professor

Alexander Lubotzky

Field of Study
Group Theory, Number Theory, Geometry, Combinatorics, Computer Science
Home Institution
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Alexander Lubotzky is interested in all parts of group theory, including: Lie groups, arithmetic groups, finite groups, geometric and combinatorial group theory. Lubotzky is especially interested in connections with CS and combinatorics. These days, Lubotzky is working on stability theory in group theory and on property-testing and error-correcting codes.

Dates at IAS
Visiting Professor
  • Mathematics
9/2021  Fall
Visiting Professor
  • Mathematics
9/2020current Fall
  • Mathematics
Bar-Ilan University Ph.D., 1979
Plenary speaker at the ICM 2018 (Brazil) 2018
Israel Prize 2018
Elected to the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities 2014
Keynote speaker at the annual joint meeting of the AMS and MAA 2011
The Rector’s Prize of the Hebrew University 2007
Honorary doctoral degree from the University of Chicago 2006
Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2005
ISI list of Highly Cited Research 2003
The Rothschild Prize 2002
Erdos Prize 1991
Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize twice: 1993 and
Yale university 1999–2020 Adjunct Prof.
Hebrew University 1983–2020 Prof. ( Holding the Maurice and Clara Weil Chair in Mathematics)
ITS- ETH 2014–2015 Senior Fellow
NYU 2014 Visiting Prof.
Microsoft Research Center (Cambridge, MA) 2012 Visiting Researher
IAS, Princeton 2005–2006 Member ( leading a program)
Columbia University 2000 Sam Eilenberg Visiting Professor
Israeli Kneset 1996–1999 Member
Univ. of Chicago 1992–1993 Visiting Prof.
Columbia University 1989 Visiting Prof.
Stanford University 1984–1985 Visiting Assist. Prof.