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Click here to view the talk "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of String Theory in Mathematics" given by Robbert Dijkgraaf at the String Math 2020 conference, held July 30.
Jonathan Haslam speaks at the podium in Wolfensohn Hall at the IAS
“Not until reading this account did I realise that I spent my entire adult life as an intellectual tourist.” For H-Diplo , Jonathan Haslam , George F. Kennan Professor in the School of Historical Studies, tells the story of his many-branched intellectual career, reflecting...
Marian Anderson
“The lesson of Anderson’s time in Europe is stunning in its simplicity and, for that reason, has been easy to dismiss. She showed up. Even under the threat of violence. Even with the shadow of Nazism looming over her like a dark cloud, she showed...
Dor Minzer speaks in front of the blackboard in the Dilworth Room at the IAS
Dor Yosef Minzer , Member in the School of Mathematics, has been awarded the 2019 Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Association for Computing Machinery. The honor recognizes Minzer’s dissertation “On Monotonicity Testing and the 2-to-2-Games Conjecture” ( PDF ). According to the...