Past Faculty

Chen Ning Yang

School of Mathematics (NS) 
Mathematics / Natural Sciences

From the Nobel Foundation:

Yang has worked on various subjects in physics, but has his chief interest in two fields: statistical mechanics and symmetry principles. His B.Sc. thesis: "Group Theory and Molecular Spectra", written under the guidance of Professor Ta-You Wu, his M.Sc. thesis: "Contributions to the Statistical Theory of Order-Disorder Transformations", written under the guidance of Professor J.S. Wang, and his Ph.D. thesis: "On the Angular Distribution in Nuclear Reactions and Coincidence Measurements", written under the guidance of Professor E. Teller, were instrumental in introducing him to these fields.

"Chen Ning Yang: Biographical," Nobel Foundation (1957)

Nobel Laureate, Physics Prize, 1957

Dates at IAS
  • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
  • Mathematics / Natural Sciences
University of Chicago Ph.D., 1948
Gustavus Adolphus Coll, Minn 1975
Univ Wroclaw, Poland 1974
Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst 1965
Hon DSc Princeton Univ 1958
Einstein Commemorative Awd 1957
Nobel Prize in Physics 1957