IBM von Neumann Professor

Camillo De Lellis

School of Mathematics
Geometry and Analysis
Field of Study
Geometry and Analysis
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Institute for Advanced Study

A world-renowned geometric analyst with broad expertise in the calculus of variations, geometric measure theory, and fluid dynamics, Camillo De Lellis has contributed profoundly to central problems of analysis and geometry. His use of modern tools and innovative approaches in examining fundamental questions in the field have resulted in new and monumental insights that have advanced understanding within the mathematical community.

Dates at IAS
  • Mathematics
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Ph.D., 2002
Universita' di Pisa M.Sc., 1999
Awards: Lucio & Wanda Amerio Gold Medal Prize (2015); the Caccioppoli Prize (2014); the Fermat Prize (2013); the SIAM Activity Group on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Prize (2013): and the Stampacchia Gold Medal (2009)
Editorial Boards: Annals of PDE, the Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Inventiones Mathematicae, and the Journal of Differential Geometry
Universität Zürich 2005–2018 Professor
Universität Zürich 2004–2005 Assistant Professor
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich 2003 Postdoctoral Researcher
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences 2002 Postdoctoral Researcher