Camillo De Lellis Awarded 2020 Bôcher Memorial Prize

Camillo De Lellis, IBM von Neumann Professor in the School of Mathematics, has been named a recipient of the 2020 Bôcher Memorial Prize, which will be presented by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) on Thursday, January 16, at the 2020 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver.

De Lellis is cited for his innovative point of view on the construction of continuous dissipative solutions of the Euler equations, which ultimately led to Isett’s full solution of the Onsager conjecture, and his spectacular work in the regularity theory of minimal surfaces, where he completed and improved Almgren’s program.

“The results mentioned in the citation stem from long endeavors with two dear friends and collaborators, László Székelyhidi Jr. and Emanuele Spadaro: without their brilliance, their enthusiasm and their constant will of progressing further, we would have not gotten there,” explained De Lellis.

The prize is awarded every three years in recognition of a notable paper in analysis published during the preceding six years. The 2020 prize is awarded to De Lellis, former Member Lawrence Guth (2010–11), and Laure Saint-Raymond.

“I am grateful and deeply honored to be awarded the 2020 Bôcher Prize jointly with Larry Guth and Laure Saint-Raymond, two colleagues whom I know personally and whose work I have admired for a long time,” stated De Lellis. “I am humbled by the list of previous recipients, but one name, Leon Simon, is particularly dear to me: during one sunny Italian summer of (slightly more than) 20 years ago his wonderful lecture notes infected me with many of the themes of my future research in geometric measure theory.”

Awarded for the first time in 1923, the prize is named in honor of Maxime Bôcher, who served as AMS President from 1909–10. Since its inception, 24 of the prize’s 37 recipients have been affiliated with the IAS, including Marston Morse, John von Neumann, and Louis Nirenberg.

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