Video: Lectures on Harmonic Analysis, Equity in Mathematics—PCMI Summer Session 2018

The 28th Annual Park City Mathematics Institute Summer Session took place from July 1-21, 2018, and featured harmonic analysis as its central topic. During the three-week session, lecturers including IAS Professor Camillo De Lellis and von Neumann Fellow Eugenia Malinnikova conducted intensive courses designed to introduce students to cutting-edge mathematics research. This year's session also featured Shape of the River, a faculty workshop on equity in mathematics education. Full video footage of lectures from the session below:

The PCMI Summer Session is an intensive program that includes several parallel sets of activities aimed at different groups of participants across the entire mathematics community. These activities include a program for mathematics researchers, eight mini-courses for graduate students on topics related to harmonic analysis, two lecture series for undergraduate students, a program for faculty from predominantly undergraduate institutions, a workshop on equity and mathematics education for undergraduate faculty, and a professional development program for K–12 school teachers. All of PCMI’s groups meet simultaneously, pursuing individual courses of study and a meaningful amount of interaction both scientifically and socially.