Karen Uhlenbeck Named Fellow of the Association for Women in Mathematics

Karen Uhlenbeck, Distinguished Visiting Professor in the School of Mathematics, has been named a fellow of the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Uhlenbeck is recognized "for her groundbreaking and profound contributions to modern geometric analysis; for establishing a career as one of the greatest mathematicians of our time, despite the considerable challenges facing women when she entered the field; for using her experiences navigating these challenges to create and sustain programs to address them for future generations of women. For a lifetime of breaking barriers; and for being the first woman to win the Abel Prize."

Uhlenbeck is a cofounder, with Chuu-Lian Terng, of the Women and Mathematics Program at the Institute for Advanced Study. In 2019, that program was conferred the Award for Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference by the American Mathematical Society.

Members in the School of Mathematics Joan Birman (1988), Jennifer Chayes (1994–95, 1997), and Diane Souvaine (1994–95) have also been named fellows.

Read more at the Association for Women in Mathematics.


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