Information for New Members and Visitors being paid directly by IAS

Payroll Enrollment

Members being paid directly by IAS must have an appointment with the Comptroller’s Office to enroll in the monthly payroll. This includes health insurance and childcare subsidy payments.

All payroll appointments will be held via Zoom. Appointments are available Monday through Wednesday and should be scheduled using the Appointment Plus scheduler ( ). Appointment Plus requires members to use their IAS credentials.   Members will not have access to it until their permanent IAS credentials have been issued and multi-factor authentication has been established.  Therefore, new incoming members may not have the ability to schedule their payroll appointment until they arrive at IAS. Members having issues with their IAS credentials or multi-factor authentication should contact their School Administrative Officer or Computing Helpdesk for assistance.

The deadline to enroll in payroll is 4:00 p.m.  Tuesday, September 24, 2024 (Term I arrival) and 4:00 p.m. Monday, January 27, 2025 (Term II arrival). If you have further questions or arrive in a month other than September or January, please contact Payroll forms will be distributed prior to your appointment via Adobe Sign.

  • Bank Account Information for Direct Deposit
    • The monthly IAS payments must be directly deposited into a U.S. bank account.  You may use an existing U.S. account or open new one locally. Members will provide their bank information to the Comptroller’s Office via AdobeSign, accompanied by either a blank voided check or something official from the bank indicating the routing and account numbers.  ***We cannot accept U.S. bank account and routing numbers in a handwritten note, or by quoting it in an email. You must provide “official” documentation from your bank, such as a blank voided check, a bank statement showing your bank information, or a “direct deposit” form provided by your bank.
    • If you need to open an account you should do so prior to your payroll appointment.  Many members choose PNC Bank, located at 76 Nassau Street and Palmer Square in Princeton. This branch has a relationship with IAS, is familiar with IAS Members, and offers free checking for direct deposit accounts.  You are welcome to stop by at any time during regular business hours.   If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment contact Ivan Ivanov.  Ivan can either be reached by email (preferable) or by telephone at 609-497-6700. The IAS shuttle makes stops at this location daily. If you do not yet have a Social Security Number, you may still open an account with PNC Bank; you will be required to provide that number to the them once you receive it
  • Tax Forms – The appropriate tax form will be sent to you prior to your payroll appointment using Adobe Sign. Members who receive Form W-4 (not all members will) must complete their form prior to their scheduled Zoom appointment.
  • Receipts for Travel Reimbursement –Your school’s membership award letter will indicate if you are receiving reimbursement for expenses related to your travel to IAS, as well as the amount allotted. If there is no mention of reimbursement in your letter, you are not eligible. If you drove your personal vehicle, mileage will be reimbursed at the current government approved rate. If providing documentation electronically, please email the receipts to If submitting documentation in hard copy, receipts should be taped to 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and returned to the Comptroller’s Office via interoffice mail, or may be left in the Drop Box outside the ECP building. Member's name and IAS school affiliation should be clearly indicated on any paperwork submitted.
  • The Comptroller’s Office is located in the ECP Building, at the south end of Olden Lane (#13, letter “q” on the IAS campus map attached below). ECP also houses Crossroads Nursery School and the fitness center. The ECP Drop Box can be found on the wall directly to the right of the entrance door.

Payroll Enrollment Deadline (Academic Year 2024-2025)

  • Term I - 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 27, 2024
  • Term II - 4:00 p.m., Monday, January 27, 2025

Additional Payroll Information

  • Members are paid on the last business day of the month. For Term I, if you arrive in September, your first pay will be September 30th, provided you meet with our office by 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 27th. If you arrive in a month other than September, please contact
  • For Term II, if you arrive in January, your first pay will be January 31st, provided you meet with our office by 4:00 p.m., Monday, January 27th. If you arrive in a month other than January, please contact
  • If Direct Deposit Form has been completed, the funds will be available in your bank account on the pay date (last working date of the month).
  • Deductions - The following IAS charges will be deducted from your check:
    • Rent (if living on the IAS campus)
      • Term I - If you arrive in September, September and October rent will be deducted from your September check. Going forward, rent will be deducted a month in advance, i.e., November rent will be deducted from your October pay, etc. Should you arrive in a later month, rent for that and the following month will be deducted.
      • Term II - If you arrive in January, January and February rent will be deducted from your January check. Going forward, rent will be deducted a month in advance, i.e., March rent will be deducted from your February pay, etc.
      • Rent for the arrival and departure months (if not here for the entire month) will be prorated. Please refer to Use and Occupancy Agreement for proration method.
    • Health and Dental Insurance - cost of insurance is deducted if enrolled in an IAS health or dental insurance plan

Accessing monthly pay stubs 

  • Please visit the IAS Human Resources website,
  • To access pay stubs or tax forms for CY2023 or earlier, Click "SyncHR Employee Self Service." This will direct you to the login page.
  • To access pay stubs or tax forms for CY2024 or later, Click "Paylocity Employee Self Service." This will direct you to the login page.
  • Enter your IAS network credentials and follow the necessary multi-factor authentication (MFA) steps to access your information.
  • Be sure to download all monthly pay stubs from Employee Self-Service prior to your departure from IAS.  These documents should be retained for your records.

Using your IAS ID card to purchase on campus

  • Your Institute photo ID card can be used to purchase goods and services on campus.  Service locations include:
    • Simons Hall – food, beverages and groceries
    • Rubenstein Commons – food and beverages
    • Members Housing Laundry Facility
    • Fuld Hall/B Building – USPS mailroom charges only
    • IAS Store
  • Information on setting up your account and adding funds can be found at the following:
  • For any other charges, such as UPS, Federal Express, telephone services, pet registration or firewood, you will receive a statement sent out the third week of the month. The statements will be mailed to you at your IAS office mailbox.

Updated April 24, 2024