Nonimmigrant Tax Status Form Instructions

All Members in J-1, H-1B, or F-1 nonimmigrant status, who will receive a stipend or subsidy payment directly from IAS, must complete the tax status form prior to arriving at IAS.


The purpose of this form is to gather historical information that is necessary in determining your tax status as it pertains to your visit to the Institute for Advanced Study. After your arrival you will meet personally with a member of the Comptroller’s Office to complete required tax documents. We will be unable to properly schedule your appointment without this historical information. Please complete as much as you can; any questions concerning your tax status may be addressed during your payroll appointment.


Country of Tax Residence

Please note the country to which you paid taxes immediately before traveling to the United States for this visit.


Number of Days in the US

For each calendar year listed, please include the number of days that you were physically present in the United States. List individual trips separately unless the purpose of each trip, as well as your nonimmigrant status, was exactly the same. In addition, estimate the number of days that you expect to be present in the United States during your time at IAS. Although your plans may not be finalized, your best estimate is sufficient for the completion of this section.


Nonimmigrant Status

List your nonimmigrant status for each trip to the US; e.g. B-1 business, B-2 tourist, F-1 student, H-1B temporary worker, J-1 exchange visitor, etc.



Indicate the reason for each visit; e.g. student, visiting professor, conference attendee, vacationer, etc.


Funding Type

List the type of funding that you received. It is important to differentiate between a scholarship, or fellowship grant, and a wage. Grants are issued to support scholars, and no services or work is expected in return. Wages are provided as compensation for services rendered, e.g. teaching. For example, if you are a “member,” the Institute will pay you a fellowship grant.


Funding Source

Indicate whether the source of funding is foreign or U.S.


Funding Institution

Indicate the name of the institution from which the funding originated.


For further questions, please contact:


Tina Gaspari, Assistant to the Chief Fiscal Officer, Institute for Advanced Study, 1 Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540 (e-mail:



Updated August 2020