Comptroller's Office - Staff

Comptroller Mary J. Mazza 609-734-8208
Assistant to the Comptroller Tina Gaspari 609-734-8209
Assistant Comptroller Patricia Kleinkauf 609-734-8213
Accountants Roxanne Bridger (Grants) 609-734-8244
Linda Lee (Member Payroll) 609-734-8032
Accounts Payable (we pay you) Debra Blatz 609-734-8212
Camille Merger 609-734-8236
Accounts Receivable (you pay us) Beth Bruning 609-734-8247
Payroll Carol Kuna 609-734-8210
Telecommunications Camille Merger 609-734-8236
Receptionist (Fuld Hall) Linda Munro 609-734-8000
Cynthia Pearce (part time) 609-951-4436