Information for Members and Visitors not being paid directly by IAS

Using your IAS ID card to purchase on campus


  • Your Institute photo ID card can be used to purchase goods and services on campus. Service locations include:
    • Simons Hall – food, beverages and groceries
    • Rubenstein Commons – food and beverages
    • Members Housing Laundry Facility
    • Fuld Hall/B Building – USPS mailroom charges only
    • IAS Store
  • Information on setting up your account and adding funds can be found at the following:
  • For any other charges, such as UPS, Federal Express, telephone services, pet registration or firewood, you will receive a monthly statement of charges.

Monthly Statements

  • Monthly statements are sent out the third week of the month and will be mailed to you at your IAS office mailbox
  • Charges billed on each statement may include any of the following: rent, health/dental insurance, telephone services, pet registration, firewood and any other item charged to your IAS ID card
  • Billing of rent
    • Rent is billed monthly and is itemized on monthly statement
    • Statement mailed in the 3rd week of September will only include rent for August, if applicable.
    • Statement mailed in the 3rd week of October will include both September and October rent.
    • November statement (and each month following) will include the current month rent only.
    • For Term II only members - January rent will be billed, along with the February rent, on the statement mailed the 3rd week of February.
  • Payments can be made in cash, check (US dollars only) or credit card (see below) and are due upon receipt of the statement. You should include the statement stub (top right corner of the statement) with each payment to ensure it is applied correctly
    • There is an ATM machine located in the basement of Fuld Hall with a daily limit of $500.00. IAS and its bank will not charge a fee for the transaction but your bank may charge one.
  • Credit card payment options are as follows:
    • Payment may be made in in person in the Comptroller's Office in the ECP Building
    • A link to pay online can be emailed to you upon request by sending an email to  A $2 convenience fee is added to all online credit card payments.
  • Payments can be made by the following methods:
    • Mail payment via IAS Internal mail and address to Accounts Receivable
    • Drop payment off in the Comptroller’s Office drop box located outside the ECP building. The Comptroller’s Office is located in the ECP Building, at the south end of Olden Lane (#13, letter “q” on the IAS campus map). ECP also houses Crossroads Nursery School and the fitness center.
    • Mail payment via US Postal Service (if you are not on campus) to the following address:
      • Institute for Advanced Study, Accounts Receivable, 1 Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540


Questions regarding statement

All statement related questions should be addressed to Accounts Receivable via email


Checkout prior to departure

One week prior to your departure, please schedule a check-out appointment to pay your final charges. Checkout appointments can be scheduled via Appointment Plus ( ). Select "Comptroller's Office" then "Accounts Receivable" and then "Departing Members Checkout" to schedule your appointment.

In order to ensure we have the correct address to send any statements or other documents - please email a forwarding address to



Updated December 2023