NatiFest: Celebrating the Science of Nathan Seiberg

In Honor of His Sixtieth Birthday

In 2016, Professor Nathan Seiberg celebrates his sixtieth birthday and reaches his twentieth year as a Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study. The conference celebrating these occasions was held at the Institute from September 15 through September 17, 2016.

Introduction by Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, Nathan Seiberg, Professor in the School of Natural Sciences, and Juan Maldacena, Carl P. Feinberg Professor in the School.

Monodromy in QCD: Insights from Supersymmetric Theories with Soft Breakings by Visiting Professor Michael Dine

Making Contact with the Sphere by Zohar Komargodski

A Taste of Flavor by Yossi Nir

Three Points in a Talk (to Say Nothing of the Prologue) by Distinguished Visiting Professor Greg Moore

Some Tools for Exploring Supersymmetric RG Flows by Thomas Dumitrescu

Aspects of 6d QFTs by Ken Intriligator

Some Boundary States for Bosons by Charles Simonyi Professor Edward Witten

Some Modular Properties of Superstring Scattering Amplitudes by Michael Green

A 2D Stress Tensor for 4D Gravity by Andrew Strominger

Natural SUSY vs. the LHC by David Shih

Boundaries, Interfaces, and Dualities by Davide Gaiotto

Three Roads Not (Yet) Taken by Ofer Aharony

Emergent Supersymmetry from a Lattice of Interacting Majorana Modes by Ian Affleck

Comments on Seiberg Duality by David Kutasov

Gravitational Scattering Theory... Boundary by Tom Banks

Black Holes and Random Matrices by Stephen Shenker

Nati Puts You On Shell by Nima Arkani-Hamed

The SYK Model, AdS_2 and Conformal Symmetry by Carl P. Feinberg Professor Juan Maldacena

Black Hole Degeneracies from Worldsheet Instantons by Sameer Murthy

The Large D Black Hole Membrane Paradigm by Shiraz Minwalla