A collection of videos of public lectures given by scientists and scholars at the Institute for Advanced Study, as well as material that provides additional context about our distinct environment and mission. A complete resource of IAS videos is available at this portal and on our YouTube channel.

On May 29, 2019, the Institute for Advanced Study hosted a celebration of The Universe Speaks in Numbers by frequent Director's Visitor Graham Farmelo. The public event, which was held on the centenntial of the 1919 eclipse that provided the first experimental verification of Einstein's theory of relativity, brought together some of the world's foremost science communicators for an afternoon of talks discussing the close relationship between mathematics and physics.

On May 4, 2019, Demis Hassabis, Co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, discussed the capabilities and power of self-learning systems in a public lecture at the Institute for Advanced Study. He illustrated his talk with reference to some of DeepMind's...

Gustavo Dudamel and Frank Gehry

On April 25, 2019, architect Frank Gehry and conductor Gustavo Dudamel met at the Institute for Advanced Study to have a public conversation on "the intersection of music, architecture, and design."