Remembrance in Honor of Irving Lavin

On April 26, the Institute celebrated the life and work of Irving Lavin with an all-day event that began with a series of scholarly discussions in the morning, followed in the afternoon by personal remembrances.

Watch remembrances by (in order of appearance):

Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor
Architect Phyllis Lambert
Art historian Charles Scribner III
Nicola Courtright, Professor of Art History, Amherst College
Jack Freiberg, Professor of Italian Renaissance Art & Architecture, Florida State University
David Levine, Professor of Art History, Southern Connecticut State University
Architects Greg Lynn and Frank Gehry
Horst Bedekamp, Professor of Art History, Humboldt University

The program concludes with remembrances from a number of Lavin's family and friends.

Watch the remembrances and discussion in the window above, or on the IAS YouTube channel.