IAS Computing

Computing, the Institute’s information technology department, is composed of the following units:


Information Technology Group
The Information Technology Group provides support to School of Historical Studies, School of Social Science, Administration and programs under the Director's Office.

Mathematics Computing Department
Computing support for the School of Mathematics is provided by the Mathematics Computing Department.

Natural Sciences Computing Department
Computing support for the School of Natural Sciences is provided by the School of Natural Sciences Computing Department.

Networking Group
Network connectivity and infrastructure services for the Institute are provided by the Networking Group. Available from campus only.

Network Security

The Office of Information Security provides tips, resources and other information to further user education and safe computing. Available from campus only.

A/V Services 

The A/V group provides audio-visual services to the campus.

Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication services provides telephone service for campus and member housing.


Webmail Portal
Links to the webmail services of all IAS computing groups.

IAS Computer Training
Links to the computer trainings held on-campus, free online self-paced trainings and various training videos and tutorials.

IAS Mailing Lists
Mailing lists for communicating with the entire campus, special groups, and schools.

Computing Annual Report
Read about the Computing groups goals and objectives for the coming year.  

IAS Root Digital Certificate
Download this certificate to avoid the security messages when contacting certain IAS servers/services.

Basic User Guide for the IAS VPN
vpn.ias.edu allows secure remote access to IAS computing resources, such as file servers, PU Library resources, and restricted web pages.

IAS VPN Installers (login required)
vpn.ias.edu has a client based application called Pulse Secure that allows access to IAS computing resources without having to go through the portal.

IAS Wireless Guide
Overview of the wireless networks at IAS. Installation guides for the authenticated IAS wireless networks IAS-Scholar & eduroam.

Mail Client Configuration

The mail services below all use SSL. For more information on configuring mail clients, please visit the appropriate computing group's web site.

Information Technology Group
imap: mail.itg.ias.edu
smtpauth: smtpauth.itg.ias.edu

Mathematics Computing Department
imap: imap.math.ias.edu
smtpauth: smtp.math.ias.edu 

Natural Sciences Computing Department
imap: imap.sns.ias.edu
smtpauth: smtpauth.sns.ias.edu

Spam Reporting

If you received spam in your inbox and wish to report it, forward it to the following address: fn@proofpoint.com

If a legitimate email was marked as spam, forward it to the following address: fp@proofpoint.com