Media Technology Services (A/V)

Services include:

  • On-site set up, operation, and support of all audio/visual equipment.
  • Equipment includes: digital projectors, projection screens, flat-panel monitors, Blu-Ray players, lecterns and half-lecterns, mixing consoles and wireless microphones, amplification capabilities, stereo equipment, outdoor PA capabilities.
  • On-site live event production including: video/audio capture and recording, multi-camera operation involving PTZ cameras, digital video mixing, analog and digital audio console operation, audio amplification, live-streaming services. 
  • Post production services include: editing of recorded materials, including addition and removal of video and audio selections, and overlay of titles. Production and online publishing of web videos for the IAS Videos page and IAS YouTube channel.
  • Media conversion and duplication, including DVD, digital video files (.mp4, .mov, etc.), CD, and digital audio files (.wav, .mp3, etc.).

MTS offers a variety of Zoom related support.  For assistance, please contact av@ias.edu.  For Zoom related information regarding meetings, security and privacy please visit: https://www.ias.edu/computing/services/zoom-privacy-and-security

  • On-site hybrid video conferencing systems, locations including:
    • West Seminar Room (2nd Floor)
    • West Lecture Hall (1st Floor)
    • White/Levy Room
    • Dilworth Room
    • Bloomberg Lecture Hall
    • Bloomberg Hall Biology Conference Room (BH-113)
    • Bloomberg Hall Astrophysics Library
    • Bllomberg Hall Physics Library
    • Wolfensohn Hall
    • Simonyi Lecture Hall (S-101)
    • Simonyi Commons Room (S-201)
    • Rubenstein Commons (Meeting Rooms 1-3, 5 & 6)
  • Ad-hoc video conferencing systems are available upon request.
  • On-site Broadcast Center, located at 310A South Olden Lane, Room 102

Broadcast Center

The Broadcast Center is located at 310A South Olden Lane, Room 102. The Center provides the Institute community with the ability to broadcast directly to television networks around world as well as create video for internal and external communications initiatives. To utilize the Broadcast Center, the network responsible for booking should contact VideoLink at (617)340-4300. For more information about the Broadcast Center, please email readycam@ias.edu. There are a variety of backdrops available to use during broadcasts.


A/V Release Form

Contact - av@ias.edu

Dario G. Mastroianni, IT Manager - Media Technology Services
(609) 439-9570

Samuel Venanzi, Media Technician
(609) 235-6447

Dayne Lewis, Media Technician
(609) 638-2238