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Jan 28

Seminar on Theoretical Machine Learning

What Noisy Convex Quadratics Tell Us about Neural Net Training
Roger Grosse
12:00pm | Dilworth Room
I’ll discuss the Noisy Quadratic Model, the toy problem of minimizing a convex quadratic function with noisy gradient observations. While the NQM is simple enough to have...
Jan 28

Ancient Studies Seminar

3:00pm | West Seminar
Jan 28

1/28: Special Institute Film Screening: Denial

4:00pm | Wolfensohn Hall
Tuesday, January 284:00 p.m.Wolfensohn Hall In her 1993 book Denying the Holocaust, American academic Deborah E. Lipstadt called British amateur historian David Irving...
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Jan 28

Pheno & Vino Seminar

Soft Signals at the LHC
Simon Knapen
4:00pm | Princeton University Jadwin Hall Room 303
The LHC is both a Higgs and B-factory, and for both particles it will likely deliver the largest data set we will see in our lifetimes. I will discuss a few examples on how we can leverage this to...
Jan 28


5:00pm | Dilworth Room
Yoga classes with Mecquel. No reservation needed. Exercise mat or towel suggested. For further information, contact
Jan 28

Musicians' Exchange

6:00pm | Housing Activities Room
IAS Musicians meet to play music.
Jan 29

University of Pennsylvania Astronomy Seminar

Beyond Optical Depth: Future determination of ionization history from the CMB
Duncan Watts
2:00pm | David Rittenhouse Laboratory (209 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA), A6
Cosmic microwave background (CMB) photons are partially polarized, both by free electrons around recombination, and by free electrons from reionization. The free electron fraction as a function of...
Jan 29

Fitness Center Training

Marci Coyle
3:30pm | Fitness Center
Jan 29

NES Seminar

4:00pm | West Seminar
Jan 29

Friends Talk

Lyndall Gordon
5:30pm | Dilworth Room