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Sep 19

Hamilton Colloquium Series

The Quantum Black Hole: How Exotic Physics May Enter
Gerard \'t Hooft
4:00pm | Jadwin Hall, Room A10
Quantising a black hole can be done starting with conventional physics. We just assume matter to keep the form of point particles until they come close to the horizon. The...
Sep 19

Joint IAS/Princeton University Number Theory Seminar

On the arithmetic of elliptic curves over quintic fields
Michele Fornea
4:30pm | *Princeton University, Fine 214*
Bhargava showed that 100% of quintic fields have non-solvable Galois closure. For this reason, the arithmetic of elliptic curves over such fields is beyond the reach of...
Sep 20

Princeton University HSC Group Discussion

General Discussion
10:00am | Peyton Hall, Room 025
Sep 20

Princeton University Astrophysical Sciences Supernova Discussion Group

11:00am | Peyton Hall, Room 140
Everyone is welcome. Adam Burrows is the organizer.
Sep 20

Friends Lunch with a Member

Lena Murchikova
12:00pm | Dilworth Room
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Sep 20

Princeton University Astroplasmas Seminar - Title Added

Relativistic Outflows in Neutron Star Mergers
Ore Gottlieb
12:30pm | Peyton Hall, Dome Room, Room 201
Following a double neutron star merger a relativistic jet propagates and interacts with the outflowing ejecta that surrounds the merger. As a result, matter is pushed around...
Sep 20

High Energy Theory Seminar

The Non-Local Non-Linear Sigma Model
Christian Jepsen
1:45pm | Jadwin Hall, PCTS Seminar Room, 4th Floor
In this talk, based on work with S. Gubser, Z. Ji, B. Trundy, and A. Yarom, I present a scalar theory described by an action given in terms of a bi-local integral of a power...
Sep 20

Fitness Center Training

Marci Coyle
3:30pm | Fitness Center
Sep 20

A Night at Harry's

8:00pm | Dining Hall
Enjoy a casual evening of jazz with colleagues and friends. Bar snacks provided. IAS ID required for all drink purchases. No reservation required. No fee charged.
Sep 23


10:00am | Dilworth Room
The Social Science Seminar meets every Monday for presentations by current scholars that begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude by 11:45 a.m.  Coffee is served. Attendees  include...