Richard Taylor

Past Faculty
School of Mathematics

Number Theory



Field of Study

Number Theory

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Stanford University

A leader in the field of number theory and in particular Galois representations, automorphic forms, and Shimura variations, Richard Taylor, with his collaborators, has developed powerful new techniques for use in solving longstanding problems, including the Shimura-Taniyama conjecture, the local Langlands conjecture, and the Sato-Tate conjecture. Currently, Taylor is interested in the relationship between l-adic representations for automorphic forms—how to construct l-adic representations for automorphic forms and how to prove given l-adic representations that arise in this way.

Dates at IAS

School of Mathematics
Distinguished Visiting Professor
School of Mathematics


Princeton University
University of Cambridge


Awards: Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics 2015; Clay Research Award 2007; Shaw Prize in Mathematics 2007; Academy of Sciences at Göttingen, Dannie Heineman Prize 2005; American Mathematical Society, Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory 2002; Fermat Prize 2001; Ostrowski Prize 2001
Memberships: American Academy of Arts and Sciences; American Mathematical Society; American Philosophical Society; National Academy of Sciences; Royal Society of London


Harvard University
Herchel Smith Professor of Mathematics 2002–12, Professor 1996–2002
University of Oxford
Savilian Professor of Geometry
University of Cambridge
Reader 1994–95, Lecturer 1992–94, Assistant Lecturer 1989–92
Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques
Royal Society Exchange Fellow