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Joy of x podcast
On the podcast "The Joy of x," mathematician Steven Strogatz and Robbert Dijkgraaf , IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor, explore quantum reality, discussing the frontiers of string theory and why space and time might not be the most fundamental things in the universe.
Karina Urbach
Karina Urbach never thought she’d have to study anti-Semitism in her own time. But Urbach, a native of Germany, has become increasingly aware of the rise in violence against Jewish people and institutions during her time as a Visitor at the Institute...
Francesca Trivellato
“More than 500 years before the industrial revolution, finance capitalism, represented by paper instruments, enabled new kinds of commerce over long distances and generated new wealth. But this wealth was increasingly disconnected from the production and exchange of material goods. It overturned traditional economic models...
Scott Tremaine
On April 10, 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration presented the first ever close-up image of a black hole. For Bloomberg Opinion , Faye Flam reports that the telescope array will yield a second black hole image in 2020: “In 2020, we will get an...