Institute Scholars Give Talks at Strings 2019

The Strings 2019 conference, which convened international experts and researchers to discuss string theory, took place from July 9–13, 2019, in Brussels, Belgium. The annual international Strings conferences, which have been held every year since 1995, are focal points in the field, with scientists from around the world presenting new work and reviewing the most recent developments.

Many Institute scholars past and present, including a number of Faculty in the School of Natural Sciences, participated in the conference. View their talks at the links below.

Comments on the Hartle-Hawking Wave Function of the Universe
by Juan Maldacena

JT Gravity and Random Matrix Ensembles
by Edward Witten

Vision session
with David Gross (chair), Nima Arkani-Hamed, Nathan Seiberg, Luis Fernando Alday, Daniel Harlow, and Douglas Stanford

Panel discussion: "Gravity in Dance"
moderated by Robbert Dijkgraaf

Unitary Semiclassical Black Hole Evaporation
by Ahmed Almheiri

Vertex Algebras and Superconformal Field Theories in Four Dimensions
by Christopher John Beem

Orbital Dynamics for LIGO/Virgo from the Double Copy and EFT
by Zvi Bern

Sewing Entanglement Wedges
by Jan de Boer

Unreasonable Simplicity of AdS5xS5 Correlators
by Simon Caron-Huot

Generalized Particles and Strings from Combinatorial Geometry
by Song He

Holographic Entropy Relations
by Veronika Hubeny

Extremal Correlators in Four Dimensions
by Zohar Komargodski

’t Hooft Anomaly, Symmetry Breaking, Gaplessness
by Kantaro Ohmori

Bounds on Mellin Amplitudes
by Hirosi Ooguri

Moduli Spaces in Heterotic String Theory
by Xenia de la Ossa

The Swampland Program
by Matthew Reece

Analyticity Properties of Superstring Loop Amplitudes
by Ashoke Sen

Black Holes, Random Matrices, Baby Universes, and D-Branes
by Steve Shenker

Critical Theory and Interferometric Observation of the M87 Photo Ring
by Andrew Strominger

Developments in Scrambling and Chaos
by Brian Swingle

Near-Extremal Black Holes and the Jackiw-Teitleboim Model
by Sandip Trivedi

Progress in Horizon Thermodynamics
by Aron Wall

Progress on AdS Black Holes in String Theory
by Alberto Zaffaroni

Find more information, along with lecture notes, at Strings 2019.


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