Institute Scholars Give Talks at Strings 2018

The Strings 2018 conference, which convened international experts and researchers to discuss string theory, took place from June 25–29, 2018, in Okinawa, Japan. The annual international Strings conferences, which have been held every year since 1995, are focal points in the field, with scientists from around the world presenting new work and reviewing the most recent developments.

View the talks by Institute Faculty, including Carl P. Feinberg Professor Juan Maldacena, Professor Nathan Seiberg, and Charles Simonyi Professor Edward Witten, as well as past and present Members and Visitors.

Review Talks

Dualities and dynamics in 2+1 dimensions by Francesco Benini

What's new with Q? by Clay Cordova

Quantum entanglement in holography by Xi Dong

Bounds on energy, entropy, and transport by Thomas Hartman

Three roads to 4D supersymmetric physics by David Morrison

Developments in string field theory by Ashoke Sen

Developments in the conformal bootstrap by David Simmons-Duffin

Plenary Talks

Calabi-Yau fibrations, finiteness, and string dualities by Lara Anderson

Coulomb branches of 4d QFTs by Philip Argyres

Introduction to stringy moonshine by Tohru Eguchi

Modular flow for bulk reconstruction and the QNEC by Thomas Faulkner

Topological holography by Davide Gaiotto

Umbral and penumbral moonshine by Jeffrey Harvey

Some elementary but surprising properties of quantum field theories by Simeon Hellerman

Inside the walls of positive geometry: the space of consistent QFTs by Yu-tin Huang

Tensor quantum mechanics at N large and small by Igor Klebanov

The vacua of some 2+1 dimensional gauge theories by Zohar Komargodski

Nonplanar correlators in N=4 SYM from integrability by Shota Komatsu

Traversable wormholes by Juan Maldacena

Global anomalies in six-dimensional supergravity by Gregory Moore

M-theory S-matrix from 3d SCFT by Silviu Pufu

Eternal traversable wormhole in two dimensions by Xiaoliang Qi

SCFTs in 6d and IR symmetry enhancement in 4d by Shlomo Razamat

QED3 by Nathan Seiberg

Beyond symmetry: Topological lines in 2D by Shu-Heng Shao

A semiclassical ramp in SYK and in gravity by Douglas Stanford

Progress in soft physics by Andrew Strominger

de Sitter holography and entanglement entropy by Eva Silverstein

Cosmology and the string swampland by Cumrun Vafa

Monotonicity of relative entropy in quantum field theory by Edward Witten

Integrable field theories from 4d Chern-Simons theory by Masahito Yamazaki

Golden Jubilee of String Theory

50 years of string theory by Michael Green
Of crises and revolutions by Gabriele Veneziano
50th anniversary of string theory by Juan Maldacena
Two questions about gravity by Shiraz Minwalla
50th anniversary of ST by Eva Silverstein
Black holes as normal quantum systems by Douglas Stanford
What is perturbative string theory? by Xi Yin
The future of string theory conferences chaired by David Gross


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