Videos: Quantum Information and the Structure of Spacetime

On Quantum Aspects of Black Holes

From December 4–5, 2018, the School of Natural Sciences hosted a workshop on "Quantum Information and the Structure of Spacetime." The event focused on quantum aspects of black holes, with an emphasis on applying ideas from quantum information theory.

Speakers included Charles Simonyi Professor Edward Witten on "Open Strings on the Rindler Horizon" and Visting Professor (2015) Hirosi Ooguri on "Symmetry in QFT and Gravity." A number of Members, past and present, also lectured, including Ahmed Almheiri, Nima Lashkari, Thomas Faulkner, Veronika Hubeny, Andrew Strominger, and Herman Verlinde.

Find full video of every lecture from the workshop in the playlist above, on the IAS YouTube page, or at the School of Natural Sciences.