General Relativity at 100

Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a pillar of modern physics formulated 100 years ago, was celebrated by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University in a two-day conference, General Relativity at 100. The conference, which featured ten colloquium-style talks by international experts on diverse aspects of general relativity and its fascinating history—from cosmology to quantum gravity, from black holes to neutron stars—took place in Wolfensohn Hall on the Institute’s campus November 5–6, 2015. The conference also celebrated the seminal role of Princeton physicists, particularly John Wheeler and Bob Dicke and their students, in advancing an examination of general relativity.

Major support for the General Relativity at 100 conference and related events was provided by a grant from the Schwab Charitable Fund, made possible by the generosity of Trustee Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy.

Welcome and Introduction by Robbert Dijkgraaf, IAS Director and Leon Levy Professor

History of General Relativity by Michel Janssen

Gravitational Waves by Nergis Mavalvala

Foundations of General Relativity by Andrew Strominger

Numerical Relativity by Saul Teukolsky

Neutron Stars by Victoria Kaspi

Experimental Tests by Clifford Will

Cosmology by Matias Zaldarriaga

Black Holes by Avi Loeb

Quantum Gravity by Juan Maldacena

A Discussion on General Relativity by Students of John Wheeler and Bob Dicke moderated by James Peebles